Round 10: (24) Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa vs. Martin Müller

Posted in Event Coverage on August 28, 2015

By Chapman Sim

To measure experience and success in the world of Magic, we can start of by taking a quick look at Lifetime Pro Points since it is a rather accurate indication. If you were to compare the gap between any two players in at the World Championship, this was probably the pair with the widest disparity.

Twenty-fourth-ranked Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa is the most "senior" today with 472 Lifetime Pro Points, while Martin Müller has just 59. This statistic makes him very, very "junior" when compared against the rest of the highly experienced field.

We can also compare Lifetime Pro Tour and Grand Prix Top 8s to get a better picture. Damo da Rosa has "a fair few" compared to Martin Müller's single Grand Prix Top 8, coincidentally overlapped with one of his opponent's 19.

It was Grand Prix Warsaw 2015, and their paths could have crossed if Müller had advanced into the semifinals during the playoffs. He lost in the quarters, putting off the match until today.

Despite the contrast in portfolio, the young Dane has proven to the world that he was no fluke by finishing 6-1 yesterday to finish at the top.

However, Müller dropped both matches early morning while Damo da Rosa did the exact opposite to arrive at the same score.

If you didn't catch that, we're looking at a matchup between a 0-2 deck against a 2-0 deck, where both players have the same 6-3 record.

"This is probably the only tournament that this will ever happen," Damo da Rosa quipped. "The tournament structure and the small number of players at the World Championships is the result of this interesting phenomenon."

Müller was not pleased to be in his predicament. "Honestly, I think my deck's not bad and it's pretty unlikely for me to go 0-3. But somehow, everyone seems to have a better deck than me. I think the power level of the boosters were really high!"

This matchup showcased a large disparacy of Pro Points between two competitors. Nonetheless, despite Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa's spectacular resume, Martin Müller has continued to impress since his debut on the Pro Tour.

Despite the stacked odds, I wouldn't write him off yet. He did win the World Magic Cup after all!

The Games

Damo da Rosa kick-started the game with two Forests to cast Herald of the Pantheon and Runed Servitor in sequential turns. However, he failed to find a third land and was forced to pass his third turn.

When Müller's Akroan Sergeant charged into the red zone, Damo da Rosa was forced to make an agonizing decision. Should he allow the 2/2 first striker to become renowned, or should he double block and risk running into a trick?

When Damo da Rosa decided it was better to block, Müller took the two-for-one with Ravaging Blaze. Akroan Sergeant became a 3/3 next turn, followed by Undercity Troll who also become renowned.

Müller may be young, but he's already earned incredible honors in the game with his contributions to Team Denmark in their win at the 2014 World Magic Cup.

Damo da Rosa ripped three Forests thereafter and tried to fend off both 3/3s with Conclave Naturalists. However, that was but a momentary respite.

Skysnare Spider hit the board and Müller swung with his entire team. A Titan's Strength on an unblocked creature did the trick and Damo da Rosa was quickly down a game without ever seeing a single Plains. He was holding a grip of six white cards.

Müller went down to six in the second game, unleashing Timberpack Wolf to defend against Damo da Rosa's Herald of the Pantheon. Both players declined to trade, and the board was soon gummed up with Yoked Ox and Hitchclaw Recluse on Damo da Rosa's side.

There are few who can claim to have the kind of resume that Brazil's Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa has.

Taking advantage of the lack of pressure, Müller used Nissa's Pilgrimage to alleviate his mana problems, using his newfound Forests to ramp out Vastwood Gorger and Zendikar Incarnate.

Damo da Rosa tried to race with Charging Griffin. Anointer of Champions would shorten the clock, provided he could survive four turns. Both Yoked Ox and Hitchclaw Recluse were not exactly proficient at holding back Vastwood Gorger and Zendikar Incarnate.

Damo da Rosa tried to kill Zendikar Incarnate by pointing a +5/+5 Might of the Masses at Hitchclaw Spider. Müller negated the pump spell with one of his own, Titanic Growth. The next turn, Damo da Rosa shoved two creatures in the 8/4's way, finally getting rid of it.

However, things went downhill soon after.

Damo da Rosa was pretty much forced to chump block Vastwood Gorger every turn owing to his low life total. A Ravaging Blaze with spell mastery put Damo da Rosa out of his misery.

Damo da Rosa 0 – Müller 2

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