Super Sunday Series Championship Standard Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on January 24, 2016

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

58 players showed up with seventeen different archetypes, but a few distinct decks were clear winners in terms of popularity.

Deck Archetype # Played
4-Color Rally 14
Abzan Aggro 11
Eldrazi Ramp 8
Dark Jeskai 6
Atarka Red 5
Esper Dragons 2
Esper Control 2
Grixis Control 1
Mardu Midrange 1
Red-Green Landfall 1
Red Abzan 1
Jeskai Dragons 1
Temur Battle Rage 1
Grixis Battle Rage 1
Green-White Hardened Scales 1
White-Black Eldrazi 1
Black-Red Dragons 1

The clear winner, despite the introduction of Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, was 4-Color Rally with nearly a quarter of the field choosing the powerful Rally the Ancestors/Collected Company concoction, either streamlined without Oath of the Gatewatch cards or with the inclusion of a copy or three of Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim and the occasional Reflector Mage. Shortly behind Rally was Abzan Aggro, all unsurprisingly packing copies of Anafenza, the Foremost.

Next on the list is Eldrazi Aggro, all with variant numbers of cards. How many Kozilek's Returns are right? What about Ruin in Their Wake? Do you play it and accept a reasonable number of Wastes, or ignore it entirely and go harder into red instead? There have been variations, though Ruin in Their Wake was a popular enough inclusion thanks to the allure of some new colorless creatures (like Thought-Knot Seer, which are quite good on the third turn). Decks were divided between whether to run Kozilek, the Great Distortion, but nearly everyone was in agreement that World Breaker was the seven-mana devoid creature of choice, thanks in part to any ramp deck with red choosing to play Kozilek's Return.

The new anti-Rally legendary creature Kalitas has made its way into various decks, all looking to buy some time against the powerful combo deck.

One of the interesting developments in this Standard are the Dark Jeskai decks, which are nearing the point of needing a name change. Many have given up on Mantis Riders, instead moving towards a heavier Grixis package with the white splash for Soulfire Grand Master and Crackling Doom. Nearly all of these have quickly adopted Goblin Dark-Dwellers into their strategy, which is of little surprise given its power with spells like Kolaghan's Command and Crackling Doom.

58 players came to game, representing 17 different Standard archetypes.

We'll have 3-1 decklists posted later this evening, so check back for those!

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