9th-16th Team Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on November 20, 2016

By Event Coverage Staff

The following teams finished 9th through 16th place in the 2016 World Magic Cup. Below you will find the Modern Constructed decklists that each team registered for this tournament.

Decks are listed in seating order without player names, as the pilots of each deck may have shifted between the various stages of the tournament.

Bulgaria, Seat A - Infect

Bulgaria, Seat B - Dredge


Bulgaria, Seat C - Lantern Control


Dominican Republic, Seat A - Naya Burn


Dominican Republic, Seat B - Infect


Dominican Republic, Seat C - Bant Eldrazi


Germany, Seat A - Affinity

Germany, Seat B - Jeskai Ascendancy


Germany, Seat C - TitanBreach

Lithuania, Seat A - Naya Burn

Lithuania, Seat B - Abzan

Lithuania, Seat C - Infect

Macedonia, Seat A - Infect


Macedonia, Seat B - Abzan