Posted in 2016 WORLD MAGIC CUP on November 19, 2016

By Event Coverage Staff

Looking for the Top 8 decklists for each country represented in the 2016 World Magic Cup Top 8? Below you'll find the Modern Constructed decklists used by each team to reach it this far.

All decklists are in alphabetical order, with each deck assigned to its respective seat for this tournament.

Australia, Seat A - James Wilks, Dredge

Australia, Seat B - David Mines, Bant Eldrazi

Australia, Seat C - Ryan Cubit, Blue-Red Kiln Fiend

Belarus, Seat A - Dmitry Andronchik, Jund

Belarus, Seat B - Ihar Klionski, Bant Eldrazi

Belarus, Seat C - Pavel Miadzvedski, Affinity

Belgium, Seat A - Jerome Bastogne, Goryo's Vengeance

Belgium, Seat B - Branco Neirynck, Naya Burn

Belgium, Seat C - Peter Vieren, Infect

Finland, Seat A - Lauri Pispa, Lantern Control

Finland, Seat B - Matti Kuisma, Dredge

Finland, Seat C - Leo Lahonen, Blue-Red Kiln Fiend

Greece, Seat A - Bill Chronopoulos, Dredge