Posted in Event Coverage on September 1, 2016

By Wizards of the Coast

Table Player   Result   Opponent  
1 Sigrist, Mike [US] Lost 0-2 vs. Braun-Duin, Brian [US]
2 Carvalho, Marcio [PT] Won 2-1 vs. Manfield, Seth [US]
3 Blohon, Lukas [CZ] Won 2-0 vs. Yasooka, Shota [JP]
4 Tao, Jiachen [US] Lost 1-2 vs. Saporito, Thiago [BR]
5 Tiu, Oliver [US] Draw 1-1 vs. Rubin, Steve [US]
6 Nelson, Brad [US] Lost 1-2 vs. Damo Da Rosa, Paulo Vitor [BR]
7 Duke, Reid [US] Won 2-1 vs. Turtenwald, Owen [US]
8 Scott-Vargas, Luis [US] Won 2-1 vs. Watanabe, Yuuya [JP]
9 Tamada, Ryoichi [JP] Lost 0-2 vs. Strasky, Ondrej [CZ]
10 Takimura, Kazuyuki [JP] Lost 0-2 vs. Mengucci, Andrea [IT]
11 Larsson, Joel [SE] Won 2-1 vs. Muller, Martin [DK]
12 Noorlander, Niels [NL] Lost 0-2 vs. Pardee, Samuel [US]

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