2017 World Championship Standard Deck Lists

Posted in Event Coverage on October 6, 2017

By Wizards of the Coast

2017 World Championship Standard Deck Lists

Black, Samuel - Blue-Black Control

Calcano, Christian - Ramunap Red

Carvalho, Marcio - Ramunap Red

Chew, Kelvin - Blue-Black Control

Damo da Rosa, Paulo Vitor - Ramunap Red

Dominguez, Javier - Ramunap Red

Duke, Reid - Temur Energy

Esper Berthoud, Lucas - Ramunap Red

Froehlich, Eric - Ramunap Red

Jensen, William - Temur Energy

Juza, Martin - Ramunap Red

Lee, Shi Tian - Ramunap Red

Manfield, Seth - Four-Color Energy

Müller, Martin - Four-Color Energy

Nelson, Bradley - Four-Color Energy

Pardee, Samuel - Ramunap Red