Team Series Championship Deck Lists

Posted in Event Coverage on October 8, 2017

By Wizards of the Coast

For the Team Series Championship, each team of 6 split into two trios and played against one of the other team’s trios. Deck lists below are grouped by which final they played in for which team, and labeled with the seat letter (Seat A for Genesis played Seat A for Musashi, etc.).

First Final: Genesis

Thomas Hendriks: Genesis B: Seat A

Seth Manfield: Genesis B: Seat B

Lukas Blohon: Genesis B: Seat C

First Final: Musashi

Yuuya Watanabe: Musashi A: Seat A:

Teruya Kakumae: Musashi A: Seat B:

Shota Yasooka: Musashi A: Seat C:

Second Final: Genesis

Brad Nelson: Genesis A: Seat A

Martin Müller: Genesis A: Seat B

Martin Dang: Genesis A: Seat C