Six Unique Standard decks from the 2018 World Magic Cup

Posted in Event Coverage on December 15, 2018

By Frank Karsten

The Team Unified Standard rounds at the 2018 World Magic Cup saw a lot of Golgari Midrange, Selesnya Tokens, and Jeskai Control, as detailed in the Team Unified Standard metagame breakdown. But six players entered the tournament with wacky brews that no one else registered. Let's go over the six teams who had such unique, stand-out decks.


Team Belgium 2018: (from left) Michael Milis, Michel De Broux, and Pascal Vieren

Michel de Broux's Chromatic Black – 2018 World Magic Cup

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Michel de Broux was playing arguably the most interesting deck in the room: Chromatic Black. It could generate massive amounts of mana with Cabal Stronghold and then combine Chromatic Lantern and Mastermind's Acquisition to cast various off-color finishers from the sideboard. You don't get to see a mono-black deck cast Zacama, Primal Calamity every day.

Note that if you'd like to try this deck in an individual Standard tournament, then you may want to follow Ali Aintrazi's Deck Guide and replace Carnage Tyrant with Niv-Mizzet, Parun. Those legendary Dragons were not an option for de Broux as they were already taken by Pascal Vieren's deck. Team Belgium's Standard record was 0-3-1. (This was not an impressive record, but decks don't necessarily need to be winning to be unique and interesting.)


Team Hungary 2018: (from left) Norbert Sárkány, Gabor Kocsis, and Akos Kenyeres

Akos Kenyeres's Grixis Dragons – 2018 World Magic Cup

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Akos Kenyeres, Hungary's captain, was playing eight Dragons and supported the tribe with Sarkhan, Fireblood; Spit Flame; and Dragon's Hoard.

The mana base is not perfect, as there are only 20 red sources for Goblin Chainwhirler, but there are enough colored sources to consistently cast Niv-Mizzet, Parun and Nicol Bolas, the Ravager on-curve. Team Hungary's Constructed record in the Swiss was 4-3.


Team Panama 2018: (from left) Oscar Ramirez, Jorge Tavera, and Jaime Soriano Salazar

Oscar Ramirez's Golgari Undergrowth – 2018 World Magic Cup

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Oscar Ramirez registered Golgari Undergrowth, which plans to fill its graveyard in the early turns with Stitcher's Supplier and Glowspore Shaman and then exploits the undergrowth mechanic with cards like Necrotic Wound and Molderhulk.

Molderhulk in particular has the ability to return Memorial to Folly, which can in turn return another Molderhulk. Or the same Molderhulk once it dies. Either way, it's a powerful value chain that gives the deck inevitability. Unfortunately, team Panama's Constructed record was 0-4.


Team Russian Federation 2018: (from left) Denis Andreichikov, Evgenii Dushinin, and Dmitriy Butakov

Dmitry Butakov's Abzan Explore – 2018 World Magic Cup

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Captain Dmitriy Butakov was playing Abzan Explore, which is capable of generating a ridiculous number of triggers by combining Wildgrowth Walker, Path of Discovery, and March of the Multitudes. March of the Multitudes generates a bunch of tokens at once, each of which triggering Path of Discovery individually, generating a bunch of Wildgrowth Walker triggers in turn.

The black part of the deck was merely for the six-mana part of Find // Finality, which was close to a free splash off six black dual lands. Team Russian Federation's Constructed record was 1-3.


Team Argentina 2018: (from left) Bruno Lomdardelli, Jair Farjat, and Luis Salvatto

Bruno Lombardelli's Mono-Blue Tempo – 2018 World Magic Cup

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Mono-Blue Tempo is a fairly well-known deck. In the early weeks of Standard, it exploited the fact that the typical Golgari Midrange creatures lack flying or reach, which means that they have no way to stop Tempest Djinn in combat. However, as the Golgari Midrange decks became more refined, adding more removal spells to interact, Mono-Blue Tempo's matchup dwindled and the deck fell out of favor.

Bruno Lombardelli was the only player in the World Magic Cup who put his faith in basic Islands. Team Argentina's Standard record was 3-1, but due to a poor Team Limited performance they finished Day 1 in 33rd place, which meant that they barely missed Day Two on tiebreakers.


Team Japan 2018: (from left) Naoya Nanba, Ken Yukuhiro, and Moriyama Masahide

Ken Yukuhiro's Selesnya Aggro – 2018 World Magic Cup

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Ken Yukuhiro, the Japanese captain, is known for his bubbly personality and bubbly deck creations. This time, the connoisseur of rogue decks brought his take on Selesnya to the tournament.

When I was doing the metagame breakdown, I first wanted to classify his deck as "Selesnya Tokens," but then I did another take and saw that his list eschewed March of Multitudes, Saproling Migration, and Trostani Discordant. Instead, the list includes Nullhide Ferox, Dauntless Bodyguard, and Thorn Lieutenant, giving it a more aggressive bent. As a result, I named it "Selesnya Aggro." Team Japan's Standard record in the Swiss was 6-0.

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