3-0 Drafters at Mythic Championship I

Posted in Event Coverage on February 23, 2019

By Corbin Hosler

It turns out attacking is good.

At least, that's the takeaway from the first draft here at Mythic Championship I in Cleveland. Red creatures led the way, with Gruul and Rakdos putting up the most 3-0 finishes from among the nearly 500 players in attendance.

Archetype # of 3-0
Rakdos 11
Gruul 11
Orzhov 8
Azorius 7
Simic 7
Temur 5
Esper 3
Jund 2
Mardu 2
Bant 1
Five-Color Gates 1

Methodology notes: Two-color decks splashing 1-2 cards are listed with their primary guild. Anything else was split into its three-color designation.

"All the guilds are playable, and in this format I don't try to force anything," explained Brian Braun-Duin, who put that theory into perfect practice with a 3-0 finish with an Azorius build. "I generally look for the powerful cards that I get passed and be flexible."

Brian Braun-Duin

In fact, BBD's draft is a masterclass in how to find success with strategies that don't often succeed in Limited. For instance, his deck contained just six creatures, while the rest of the deck was filled with removal or cards to dig deeper into his deck. His primary win condition should his creatures fall? Running opponents out of cards in their library while he recycles his with a pair of Clear the Minds.

Brian Braun-Duin's Azorius

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Braun-Duin found success with one of the lower-performing archetypes (at least in terms of 3-0 finishes), but players across the room were winning with aggressive red-based decks. The common theme between both the Rakdos and Gruul decks is the ability to "cheat" on mana thanks to spectacle, the Rakdos keyword that anyone who can wants to include. Cards like Skewer the Critics, Spikewheel Acrobat, and Dead Revels can offer the payoff, while enablers like Ill-Gotten Inheritance and Spear Spewer are very important to pick up. Mix that with a dash of haste thanks to riot, and it's easy to see how both Rakdos and Gruul found success on Friday.

For a format that encourages synergistic decks within a guild, Ravnica Allegiance appears to offer players a plethora of options for success. While much has been made about the up-to-five-color Gates deck, only one player found a 3-0 finish with it. Of course, the fact it was hyped leading into the event might have actually hurt its win percentage as Draft is largely self-correcting. Who can resist powerful cards like Gate Colossus, Gates Ablaze, Gatebreaker Ram, and Archway Angel

  • Gate Colossus
  • Gates Ablaze
  • Gatebreaker Ram
  • Archway Angel

For Jari Rentsch, it all came together perfectly.


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Whatever direction you want to go, Ravnica Allegiance gives you the chance. We'll check back in tomorrow to see how the 6-0 drafters stack up!

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