The 6-0 Drafters at Mythic Championship I

Posted in Event Coverage on February 23, 2019

By Corbin Hosler

What exactly does it take to rise to the top of Ravnica Allegiance Draft?

Based on the results of the 6-0 drafters at Mythic Championship I in Cleveland, the answer is "pretty much anything you want." Six players—Reid Duke, Márcio Carvalho, Jack Kiefer, Paul Rietzl, Francisco Sanchez, and Julien Berteaux—accomplished the feat of going undefeated twice thanks to winning another Draft pod on Saturday as the field narrowed and the Top 8 race began to shake up.

The archetypes for those six players? Five different guilds. Two players went undefeated with Azorius and another two with Simic decks, while Rakdos and Orzhov both picked up a win. Don't feel too bad for poor Gruul, as yesterday it was the best-performing guild in terms of 3-0 finishes.

Azorius may be one of the more surprising archetypes to lead the way on Day Two—and it's definitely been referred to at times this weekend as "white-blue nonsense."

Reid Duke's Azorius

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Of course, that's a perfect description for the Azorius Senate, and with cards like Senate Courier, Azorius Knight-Arbiter, Lawmage's Binding, Slimebind, and more, Azorius decks can grind the game to a halt. Once there, options abound. Mike Sigrist found success in his first draft with Screaming Shield, for instance, though most Azorius decks stick to the tried-and-true strategy of attacking with fliers.

Carvalho, Magic Pro League member and one of the best Limited players in the world, added yet another 6-0 finish to his extensive resume this weekend, and both times he did it with a deck not afraid to splash.

"In Guilds of Ravnica you could really only draft in your guild, but in this format it's a little slow and the payoffs for Gates are really good so you can go wild," he explained. "In both of my drafts I had five or six Gates or Open the Gates."

Of course, there's more to drafting than just knowing the best cards or the best guild.

"In my draft today, I had the choice between Kaya's Wrath and Sharktocrab," he said. "Kaya's Wrath is the better card but I looked at the rest of the pack and saw the best cards after those two were also Orzhov, so I took the Crab and let the next three or players fight over white and black."

The strategy paid off for Carvalho, who reaped the rewards in the next pack by getting passed a third-pick Incubation Druid. If there's one thing we've learned about Ravnica Allegiance Draft this weekend, it's that there's much more going on beneath the surface than it appears.

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