The Amazing Modern Decks in London

Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2019

By Corbin Hosler

Modern is one of Magic's most popular formats, and for good reason. With so many legal cards and new additions shaking up the format regularly (hello, Arclight Phoenix), Modern offers a world in which any of dozens of decks are viable. To wit, players on a full dozen different Modern decks finished Day 1 at 7-1 or better.

These are all the deck techs the coverage team broadcast over the tournament.

Izzet Phoenix

The most-feared Modern deck entering the tournament. Izzet Phoenix, with its myriad of cantrips and Faithless Looting to fill the graveyard with spells and Arclight Phoenix while flipping Thing in the Ice or powering up Pyromancer Ascension, has been tearing up the Grand Prix scene for the last several months. It’s led many players to start including Surgical Extraction in the main deck, or even Noxious Revival to protect the birds from removal.

Hardened Scales

The poster child for a fringe deck that has grown into a format staple, Arcbound Worker proves that anything can be playable in Modern. Adept at both explosive starts and playing around spot removal, the deck improved its meta share from 5% on Day 1 to 6% on Day 2.


Another staple deck of the format, Mythic Invitational champion Andrea Mengucci broke down the deck that made Meddling Mage cool again.

Orzhov Eldrazi

Our tentacled overlords are alive and well in Modern, whether they come attached to Æther Vials, Urza’s Tower or… Kaya, Orzhov Usurper?

Joe Soh provided yet another innovation and put together a midrange Orzhov deck that takes full advantage of Eldrazi, including the synergy between Wasteland Stranger and Tidehollow Sculler.

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