The 6-0 Draft Metagame at Mythic Championship IV

Posted in Event Coverage on July 27, 2019

By Corbin Hosler

Nearly 500 competitors arrived in sunny Barcelona to compete at Mythic Championship IV. After two drafts over six drafts on Friday and Saturday, but just four finished with a 6-0 record. Modern Horizons was the format of choice, and it's been praised highly for its depth and strategy.

The four players who mastered it – Jack Kiefer, Thoralf Severin, David Mines and Jacob Wilson – demonstrated well how many options there are to find success in the format. Each played a distinct archetype on Saturday, and just one put together a repeat of their archetype from Friday.

Here are the decks the four played over Day 1 and 2 of the Mythic Championship.

David Mines: 4-Color Snow, twice.

Thoralf Severin: Red-Green and Black-Red

Jacob Wilson: Blue-Black and White-Black

Jack Kiefer: Black-Red and Blue-Black

Yesterday, it was Blue-Black Ninjas that put the most players at 3-0, but there aren't any clear patterns among the 4-0 drafters, other than the fact that David Mines went 4-Color Snow both days. Based in green and taking advantage of cards like Springbloom Druid and Arcum's Astrolabe, the snow decks can stretch their mana base to include the most powerful splashes in the draft, and we even saw a few play the full five colors on Friday.

In fact, Mines played snow lands from every color in his Day 2 deck, though the Snow-Covered Swamp was there just to up his snow count for splashy snow-matters cards like Ice-Fang Coatl.

David Mines' Snow

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Snow lands weren't the only lands making a splash among the 6-0 drafters. For Thoralf Severin's red-green deck Saturday, it was the cycling lands Tranquil Thicket and Forgotten Cave. Not only did it mean he was less likely to flood out, but they worked to set up the three Igneous Elementals he brought to bear.

Thoralf Severin's Red-Green

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These are the players and decks that rose to the top, but there was plenty going on in the format. Christian Hauck had a Green-Blue Mill deck at the top draft pod on Day 2, with 4 Iceberg Cancrix, a bunch of snow cards and even Marit Lage's Slumber bringing out the legendary 20/20 itself in a feature match. And across the room, and Hogaak and Altar Of Dementia were teaming up to mill people out – but with the twist of doing it in Limited.

Modern Horizons is a format full of possibilities, and competitors at Mythic Championship IV explored almost all of them this weekend.

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