Mythic Championship IV Modern Decks: A-C

Posted in Event Coverage on July 26, 2019

By Wizards of the Coast

Both viewers at home and players on site now get to see what each competitor is playing throughout the Constructed rounds of Mythic Championship Barcelona. Be sure to click to widget on-screen during the Twitch stream, or check out all of the decks published below to follow along with all the action live.

(Note: Sideboard card quantities will not be published for the entirety of the Mythic Championship Barcelona decklists. Top-performing Modern decklists with complete sideboards will be published Sunday.)

Adebo Diaz, Juan Carlos - Eldrazi Tron

Aizawa, Tamotsu - Burn

Akaike, Yo - Affinity

Anderson, Austin - W/U Control

Andrade, Joao - Hogaak

Anteri, Fabrizio - Eldrazi Tron

Arraste, Vili - Bant Snow Company

Arthur, Mimi - Dredge

AuCoin, Ryan - Izzet Phoenix

Ayers, Brandon - Eldrazi Tron

B. Laberge, Vincent - Tron


Baeckstrom, Andrew - Mardu Shadow