2000 Asia Pacific Championship Coverage

Masaya Mori has become the first person to win two Continental Championships by winning his second consecutive Asia Pacific Championship! Mori used his Angry Hermit deck to defeat Hiroto Watanabe, 3-2, in the finals. The 2000 Asia Pacific Championship was held in Kowloon, Hong Kong. While the APAC Championship was going on, Tobey Tamber, an American working in Taiwan, won the Hong Kong Open.

Final Standings of the 2000 Asia Pacific Championship

  1. Masaya Mori (Japan) w/Angry Hermit - $11,500
  2. Hiroto Watanabe (Japan) w/Trinity Green - $7,000
  3. Ittoku Tanaka (Japan) w/Mercenaries - $4,600
  4. Sam Ward (Australia) w/Replenish - $3,700
  5. Chi Fai Teddy Ng (Hong Kong) w/White Weenie - $3,035
  6. Koichiro Maki (Japan) w/White Weenie - $2,555
  7. Doctor Wong (Taiwan) w/White Weenie - $2,225
  8. Satoshi Nakamura (Japan) w/Squirrel Prison - $2,000





Pairings, results, standing

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