2009 Australia National Championship

Playing in his first ever National Championships, Jamie Mackintosh stormed the Top 8 with his Green/White Elves Combo deck, and will lead the Australian National Team at the World Championships in Rome later this year. Joining him after a heart-breaking loss in the finals with his 5 Color Blood deck, will be fellow newcomer Ian Wood, and top 8 veteran Hugh Glanville, who played Faeries. Rounding out the team as the alternate is another frequent top 8’er, Jeremy Neeman, who also piloted Green/White Elves Combo. Over in the public events area as I type this, 2007 National Champ Steven Aplin is battling in the finals of Australia’s biggest ever PTQ with Pradeep Widawa-Pathirana. Naturally, we have the top 8 decklists from there as well!




1. Ian Wood

8. Aaron Nicoll

4. Jeremy Neeman

5. Aaron Nicastri

2. Jamie Mackintosh

7. Garry Wong

3. Hugh Glanville

6. Michael Xia


Ian Wood, 3-1

Jeremy Neeman, 3-2

Jamie Mackintosh, 3-0

Hugh Glanville, 3-1


Ian Wood, 3-0

Jamie Mackintosh, 3-2


Jamie Mackintosh, 3-0

3rd Place Playoff

Hugh Glanville

Jeremy Neeman

3rd Place

Hugh Glanville, 3-2


  • by Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw
    Sunday, July 19: 8:23p.m.
    PTQ Top 8 decks
  • by Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw
    Ian Wood vs Jamie Mackintosh
  • by Pip Hunn
    3rd Place Playoff
    Hugh Glanville vs Jeremy Neeman
  • by Pip Hunn
    Jamie Mackintosh vs Hugh Glanville
  • by Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw
    Ian Wood vs Jeremy Neeman
  • by Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw
    Aaron Nicastri vs Jeremy Neeman
    Glanville vs Michael Xia
  • by Pip Hunn
    Ian Wood v Aaron Nicoll
  • by Pip Hunn
    Garry Wong v Jamie Mackintosh
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1. Mackintosh, Jamie $3,000
2. Wood, Ian M $2,000
3. Glanville, Hugh $1,500
4. Neeman, Jeremy $1,500
5. Nicastri, Aaron T $500
6. Xia, Michael F $500
7. Wong, Garry $500
8. Nicoll, Aaron $500

pairings, results, standings


12 11 10 9 8

7 6 5 4 3 2 1


12 11 10 9 8

7 6 5 4 3 2 1


12 11 10 9 8

7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Top 8 Player profiles

Name: Hugh Glanville
Age: 27
Location: Canberra
Occupation: Seismologist
What was your record in Standard? 5-0-1
What was your record in Draft? 4-2
What did you play in Standard? Faeries
Best Magic achievement: Top 8 two GP’s, two National Champs.
Best non-Magic achievement: Got married.
Were there any Magic 2010 cards you weren’t able to find for your deck before the event? Yes, everything. Hence I played Faeries
Name: Aaron Nicastri
Age: 23
Location: Sydney
Occupation: Poker / Magic player
What was your record in Standard? 3-2-1
What was your record in Draft? 6-0
What did you play in Standard? (Soul) Manipulation, the Rhys Gould homebrew made at my home.
Best Magic achievement: Rookie of the Year 2008
Best non-Magic achievement: Didn’t get married.
Were there any Magic 2010 cards you weren’t able to find for your deck before the event? None
Name: Aaron Nicoll
Age: 17
Location: Brisbane
Occupation: Student
What was your record in Standard? 5-1
What was your record in Draft? 4-2
What did you play in Standard? Merfolk
Best Magic achievement: PTQ win, and then this.
Best non-Magic achievement: Aaron (Nicastri) refused to marry me.
Were there any Magic 2010 cards you weren’t able to find for your deck before the event? No
Name: Jeremy Neeman
Age: 19
Location: Canberra
Occupation: Student
What was your record in Standard? 5-0-1
What was your record in Draft? 4-2
What did you play in Standard? Combo Elves
Best Magic achievement: Top 4 GP Sydney 2006
Best non-Magic achievement: Honours program at ANU (Australian National University)
Were there any Magic 2010 cards you weren’t able to find for your deck before the event? Nope
Name: Ian Wood
Age: 28
Location: Adelaide
Occupation: Engineer
What was your record in Standard? 5-1
What was your record in Draft? 5-1
What did you play in Standard? Jarrod Scriven’s 5 Colour Bloodbraid list.
Best Magic achievement: This is my first major event, so this.
Best non-Magic achievement: Having a great girlfriend and a wonderful child.
Were there any Magic 2010 cards you weren’t able to find for your deck before the event? No
Name: Jamie Mackintosh
Age: 19
Location: Coffs Harbour
Occupation: University Student
What was your record in Standard? 5-0-1
What was your record in Draft? 4-1-1
What did you play in Standard? Green/White Elves
Best Magic achievement: This.
Best non-Magic achievement: Life.
Were there any Magic 2010 cards you weren’t able to find for your deck before the event? Foil Baneslayer Angels... not really.
Name: Michael Xia
Age: 24
Location: Sydney
Occupation: Office Manager
What was your record in Standard? 6-0
What was your record in Draft? 3-3
What did you play in Standard? Kithkin. Yes, thank you Cedric Phillips.
Best Magic achievement: Unstoppable at FNM – Penrith Metagames.
Best non-Magic achievement: Table Tennis State Rep.
Were there any Magic 2010 cards you weren’t able to find for your deck before the event? Yes all, hence I played Kithkin. Honor (of the Pure) was from pre-cons!
Name: Garry Wong
Age: 23
Location: Ballina
Occupation: Student
What was your record in Standard? 5-1
What was your record in Draft? 4-2
What did you play in Standard? 5 Colour Blood, thanks to Michael Xia.
Best Magic achievement: Goodgames.com.au regular.
Best non-Magic achievement: University, and girlfriend Tammy.
Were there any Magic 2010 cards you weren’t able to find for your deck before the event? None.

Top 8: Australian Nationals Decklists

by Pip Hunn

Jamie Mackintosh

Download Arena Decklist

Ian Wood

Download Arena Decklist

Aaron Nicastri

Download Arena Decklist

Jeremy Neeman

Download Arena Decklist

Hugh Glanville

Download Arena Decklist

Garry Wong

Download Arena Decklist

Aaron Nicoll

Download Arena Decklist

Michael Xia

Download Arena Decklist

Quarterfinals: Garry Wong v Jamie Mackintosh

by Pip Hunn

Garry Wong has been a feature of Australian Magic for years, well-known through the country for his colorful character and tight play. He’s achieved further notoriety this weekend by getting stuck in an elevator at 1am after the event Hotel was evacuated due to a fire alarm.

Jamie Mackintosh is a newcomer to the high-level Magic scene, having not played in any events larger than the Regionals he used to qualify for Nationals. Jamie is piloting the Elfball combo-aggro

Mackintosh led off with a Heritage Druid, followed quickly by a Devoted Druid. Wong had no early plays as Mackintosh accelerated into a Ranger of Eos, rapidly fetching out more men. Wong played out an Anathemancer that traded with the Ranger of Eos, and followed up with a Boggart Ram-Gang. Mackintosh powered out a Regal Force, drawing 5 cards and restocking his hand. Wong cast Maelstrom Pulse on the Heritage Druids, but Mackintosh just continued to play out men. When he got a second Regal Force onto the board and Wong didn’t draw any answers, both players moved onto game 2.

Mackintosh – 1 Wong - 0

An early Devoted Druid from Mackintosh was Maelstrom Pulsed, only to be replaced by a Llanowar Elf. Rangers of Eos powered out a Burrenton Forge-Tender and an Elvish Visionary. Wong used a Cryptic Command to hold off attacks for a turn, but didn’t have any mass removal. Mackintosh implacably continued to play small men. A Regal Force hit play, refilling Mackintosh’s hand. A second Regal Force drew nine cards. He unleashed multiple Elvish Archdruids, overrunning Wong in short order with his plethora of elves.

Mackintosh – 2 Wong - 0

Mackintosh mulliganed his first hand. He was happier with the second, and Wong led play. Mackintosh had a Nettle Sentinel on his turn, which was matched by a Putrid Leech. Mackintosh dropped an Elvish visionary and passed. Wong swung and dropped a second Leech. His third turn play was a Manamorphose into an Elvish visionary, followed by a Windbrisk Heights hiding a Burrenton Forge-Tender.

Wong dropped a Boggart Ram-Gang and swung in with his team, pumping both Leeches once no blockers were declared. Mackintosh fell to 5. Wong passed the turn and Mackintosh drew. Wong stopped Mackintosh, saying he had effects in upkeep. A judge quickly issued a warning to Mackintosh, making sure that both players give the opportunity to respond to plays. Mackintosh drew, and Wong Path to Exile’d the Nettle Sentinel, leaving a duo of Elvish Visionaries staring down two Leeches and a Ram-Gang.

Mackintosh cast a Ranger of Eos and considered what he wanted to fetch.
Wong chivvied his opponent along, and Mackintosh fetched two Forge-Tenders and passed the turn. Wong’s entire team attacked. The Ranger and a Visionary leaped in front of one of the Leeches, which Wong pumped to trade. The remaining Visionary stood in front of the last Leech, the Ram-Gang getting through to drop Mackintosh to 2.

Mackintosh played a Forge-Tender, a Nettle Sentinel, and an Elvish Archdruid. Wong cast Maelstrom Pulse on the Archdruid and attacked, with the Forge-tender blocking the Ram-Gang and the Sentinel chumping the Leech. Mackintosh cast a second Forge-Tender, a Mirror entity, and a Nettle Sentinel before passing.

Jamie Mackintosh swarms past Garry Wong.Wong cast a second Ram-Gang and passed, unable to profitably attack. Mackintosh summoned an Oversoul of Dusk and passed, feeling more secure with the powerful creature on the board. Oversoul was invincible against all of Wong’s creatures and non-Path removal. Wong had no plays, holding his team back against the impending onslaught.

Controlling a Mirror entity and having 5 mana open, with three men that couldn’t be blocked by Wong’s creatures, Mackintosh went to declare attackers, swinging in with his entire team. Wong blocked the men he could, with a Putrid Leech jumping in front of a Forge-Tender, leaving the Oversoul and the Forge-Tender unblocked. Mirror Entity made everything a 4/4, leaving Gary with no creatures. A Nettle Sentinel came down post-combat for Mackintosh.

Wong had no action on his turn, but a Cryptic Command on Mackintosh’s attack step to tap down his men. Mackintosh simply waited and tried again next turn. Wong played a Volcanic Fallout, but the Forge-tender saved the day.

Jamie Mackintosh defeats Garry Wong 3 - 0

Quarterfinals: Ian Wood v Aaron Nicoll

by Pip Hunn

Nicoll is playing a Merfolk deck of his own creation. He started nationals 2-3 and managed to make a 7-0 record from there in to the top 8. Wood was undefeated day 1, and was the first person practically guaranteed in the top 8. While shuffling, Nicoll accidentally flicked one of Wood’s cards onto the table. The table judge quickly warned Nicoll, and they continued.

Both players mulliganed their first hand. Wood led the play with a Putrid Leech, answered by a Merfolk Sovereign. The Putrid Leech attacked unblocked, and was joined by another. Nicoll mirrored the play with a second Sovereign, but his men were unable to block Wood’s attack with two pumped Leeches. Nicoll played out with a Cursecatcher, which Wood countered with a Cryptic Command, bouncing one of the Sovereigns. Nicoll played a Stonybrook Banneret and passed. Wood Bituminous Blasted the remaining Sovereign, and Nicoll scooped his cards up.

Wood 1 – Nicoll 0

Nicoll started with a Silvergill Adept, while Wood had no 2-drop to match. Nicoll swung in with his Adept, then laid another without playing a third land. Wood untapped and passed, taking 4 from the next swing. Wood still didn’t have a third land, losing both his men to wood’s end of turn Jund Charm. Wood dropped a Bloodbraid Elf, cascading into a Lightning Bolt to Nicoll’s head. The Elf swung in for 3, dropping both players’ life totals to 14. Nicoll remained stuck on 2 land as Wood played a Kitchen Finks and attacked with his Elf. Nicoll dropped a desperate Cursecatcher as a blocker, but was overrun by the incoming men. Too far behind, Nicoll conceded and moved to game 3.

Wood 2 – Nicoll 0

Ian Wood battles Aaron Nicoll.Nicoll started out stronger in the third game, with a Burrenton Forge-Tender followed by a Merrow Reejerey and a Cursecatcher, tapping down a Putrid Leech and going on the aggressive. Wood attacked back with the Leech, choosing not to pump, and played out a Great Sable Stag. Nicoll didn’t slow down, playing a second Sovereign and a Sower of Temptation to take Wood’s Leech. A Lightning bolt on the Sower was Cursecatcher’d, Wood dropping a Kitchen Finks to claw some life back. Another Cursecatcher tapped down the Finks and Nicoll swung with his team, and the Great Sable Stag blocked the Putrid Leech.

In Nicoll’s upkeep, Wood cast Cryptic Command, tapping all of Nicoll’s men and drawing a card. Nicoll didn’t draw a Merfolk to untap a beater and passed, gaining Wood some breathing room. Wood swung in with his two men for 6 damage, then passed. Wood tried the same play again in Nicoll’s upkeep with a second Cryptic Command, but Nicoll had a Command of his own, leaving his men free to attack for lethal. Wood had a Lightning Bolt, but Nicoll simply sacrificed his Forge-Tender and killed his opponent.

Wood 2 – Nicoll 1

No action from Wood for the first two turns let Nicoll play out a trifecta of Cursecatchers, who had had no effect on Wood’s Volcanic fallout. Nicoll laid down a Reejerey. Wood answered with a Bloodbraid Elf and cascaded into Maelstrom Pulse, killing the lord before attacking.

Nicoll had a Sower of Temptation for the Elf. Wood was happy to Path to Exile Sower, getting his guy back, albeit tapped. Nicoll cast a Banneret and followed with a Sovereign. Wood had a second Elf, cascading into another Pulse to knock out the Sovereign, attacking relentlessly. The Banneret looked lonely until joined by a Sygg, River Guide. Wood had a small window of opportunity with Nicoll forced to tap out of white mana to drop it. Wood had a third Maelstrom Pulse in hand to kill the Legend and swung in again with his duo of Elves. Nicoll was unable to answer the 3/2’s and Wood took the Match.

Wood 3 – Nicoll 1

Quarterfinals: Aaron Nicastri vs Jeremy Neeman, Glanville vs Michael Xia

by Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Both players mulliganed, and simultaneously! (Thanks, Magic 2010!) Nicastri got the ball rolling with a Mystic Gate, followed by a Reflecting Pool, while Neeman rushed onto the battlefield with a Noble Hierarch, an Elvish Visionary and a Nettle Sentinel. Nicastri could only watch as Neeman fetched a Heritage Druid and a second Nettle Sentinel with a Ranger of Eos, but at least untapped and stole the Sentinel already in play with a Sower of Temptation. Neeman attacked past the Sower with his Ranger, and dropped two Nettle Sentinels into play, holding back the Druid. Nicastri again passed the turn with no play, sitting on four mana, allowing Neeman to untap his Sentinels with the Druid, and then a Llanowar Elves. Nicastri attacked with his Sower, before clearing the board with an Infest, and summoning a Stillmoon Cavalier. Now out of gas, Neeman could only manage a Devoted Druid.

Meanwhile, Michael Xia had finished mulliganing to five on the table behind me, and was now on the receiving end of a turn two Bitterblossom from Hugh Glanville. It did not look good for Xia.

Neeman tried to play another Ranger of Eos, but that was countered by Soul Manipulation, returning the Sower of Temptation. The Cavalier attacked in unopposed, and was joined by a Baneslayer Angel. Neeman sent Nicastri’s Arcane Sanctum back to the top of his library and tutored up a Regal Force with a Primal Command. Nicastri pointed his Sower at the Devoted Druid, which attempted to untap itself several times in response. This effectively denied Neeman the mana he needed to play the Regal Force. He peeked at the top card of his deck half-heartedly, and scooped up his lands.

Nicastri 1 – Neeman 0

Both players mulliganed again, and suddenly I realized that under the old rules, this would have given me more time to type stuff up! I guess I’m the only person who loses out here though, so I’ll move on. Wait, it looks like Nicastri is losing out too, as he’s going down to five. Aaaaanyway!

Neeman opened formalities with a Mosswort Bridge, hiding an Elvish Archdruid, and summoning a turn two Elvish Visionary. One power, nine to go! Nicastri simply made lands, as Neeman continued to explode over the table, a Nettle Sentinel and a Heritage Druid allowing him to fetch two more with a Ranger of Eos (seven power). Nicastri found a third land, but passed the turn back, now threatening Soul Manipulation. Nettle Sentinel resolved, and Heritage Druid started producing mana, as every new Green spell untapped the Sentinels, ready to be tapped again with the Druids. Neeman sent Nicastri’s Sunken Ruins back to his library and fetched a Regal Force with Primal Command, before attacking for 3 with the Ranger to clear the mana Nicastri had floated. After combat, another Heritage Druid and a third Nettle Sentinel allowed Neeman to play the Regal Force, prompting a concession from Nicastri.

Nicastri 1 – Neeman 1

Neeman’s Elves are all over the table, Nicastri can only watch.In a similar fashion, Xia took back Game 2 from Glanville, who was beaten down by Xia’s Kithkin to around 5 life, before his Bitterblossom finished him off. Xia making great use of Path to Exile to prevent a Sower of Temptation and a Scion of Oona from ruining his day.

Nicastri finally found a seven worth keeping, while Neeman again threw back for six. Nicastri again passed back his third turn with three mana open, catching Neeman’s Elvish Archdruid with a Soul Manipulation. Neeman had to settle for attacking for 1 with his Llanowar Elves, while Nicastri kept playing lands. Neeman sent a land back to Nicastri’s library with Primal Command yet again, this time searching up a Ranger of Eos.

Behind me, Xia was again attacking with his Kithkin, but their progress was hampered by Glanville’s Bitterblossom, as he got to work attacking back in the air with his Faeries.

Neeman cantripped a Manamorphose and sent Nicastri’s land back again with another Command for another Ranger, getting some damage through by inches while Nicastri was forced to relive the same turn over and over again. Neeman searched up a pair of Nettle Sentinels with one of his Rangers, and finally allowed Nicastri to make it to six mana. He used it well, wiping the battlefield clean with a Planar Cleansing.

Not worried, Neeman untapped, played three Nettle Sentinels, a Llanowar Elves, a Heritage Druid, two Elvish Visionaries, a couple of Regal Forces, and so on and so on. “I’ve F6’d,” Nicastri announced with a smile, referring to the Magic: Online keyboard shortcut of Pass Priority to absolutely everything until the end of the turn, “you do what you need to do.” Soon enough, Neeman was sending Nicastri’s lands to the top of his deck one at a time with Primal Commands, and he was packing up his cards.

Nicastri 1 – Neeman 2

Glanville had taken Game 3 behind me, after Xia failed to develop past two lands, allowing Glanville to fill the air with Faeries and take it down.

Glanville’s Faeries fly over Xia’s Kithkin.After another mulligan to five, Nicastri lead the play with a Thoughtseize, taking Heritage Druid, leaving Llanowar Elves, two Regal Force and some lands. A Sower of Temptation took the Elves, while Neeman fetched a Nettle Sentinel and another Heritage Druid with Ranger of Eos. During Neeman’s next draw step, a Vendilion Clique sent a Primal Command to the bottom of Neeman’s deck, before he attacked with his Ranger and then summoned two Druids and the Sentinel. Nicastri evoked a Shriekmaw on the Sentinel, and attacked back in the air for 5. He then countered a follow up Sentinel with a Soul Manipulation, getting back the Shriekmaw. Neeman drew his next card, but couldn’t find anything to stop Nicastri’s fliers.

Nicastri 2 – Neeman 2

As they shuffled for the deciding game, Nicastri announced to the crowd “I just want one decent hand in one game!” having previously decided he probably should have mulliganed the seven he kept in Game 3.

Nicastri again lead with a Thoughtseize, taking a Devoted Druid and leaving an Elvish Visionary, a Cloudthresher and some land. Neeman spilled elves all over the table, but Nicastri mopped them up with an Infest. Neeman simply refilled his cup with a Ranger of Eos. Another Thoughtseize from Nicastri revealed a second Cloudthresher, a Regal Force, and the Nettle Sentinel and Heritage Druid Neeman had fetched, the last of which went to the bin. A Soul Manipulation countered the Sentinel, while the Ranger got in for 3. Nicastri’s next play was a Vivid Creek, and he couldn’t stop Neeman from sending an Arcane Sanctum back with a Primal Command, that also retrieved another Ranger. Nicastri couldn’t find anything to stop Neeman from playing his expensive spells, as Neeman kept hitting his land drops all the way up to seven, and offered his hand in congratulations.

Jeremy Neeman defeats Aaron Nicastri 3 – 2

Behind us, Glanville’s Faeries flew over Xia’s Kithkin to take the match in Game 4.

Hugh Glanville defeats Michael Xia 3 – 1

Semifinals: Ian Wood vs Jeremy Neeman

by Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Wood won the roll, and elected to play, while Neeman was forced to mulligan down to five. Neeman’s first turn Noble Hierarch looked good across from Wood’s two Vivid Lands, until it transpired that all Neeman could do was summon a Nettle Sentinel and attack for 1. Wood still had no play, so this time the Sentinel went in for 3. Neeman played another Sentinel, but in response to a Heritage Druid, Wood tried to clear the board with Volcanic Fallout. Those Vivid lands can produce anything, you just never know what could be hiding behind door number three. Luckily, the Sentinel that had attacked survived, thanks to the Hierarchs exalted trigger. However, Wood finished what he had started at the end of Neeman’s following turn with a Jund Charm, and then dismissed a Nettle Sentinel with a Cryptic Command, before playing a Broodmate Dragon. Neeman had one card left in hand, so things didn’t look especially good for him at this point. After a Bituminous Blast on Neeman’s Devoted Druid, revealing a Jund Charm to beef up one of the Dragons - because attacking for 8 in the air just isn’t enough - Neeman reached for his sideboard.

Wood 1 – Neeman 0

Both players kept their hands in Game 2, Neeman getting started with a Nettle Sentinel and a Devoted Druid. During Neeman’s next upkeep, Wood hit the Druid with a Path to Exile, only to see Neeman play another one. Wood took out the next Druid with a Deathmark, and played a Putrid Leech. Neeman played another Sentinel and a Burrenton Forge-Tender, which could stop most of Wood’s sweepers, bar Maelstrom Pulse, of course, which destroyed the Sentinels. A Bloodbraid Elf found a Kitchen Finks, and Neeman summoned an Elvish Archdruid, falling further behind. On Wood’s next attack, he beefed up his Putrid Leech with a Jund Charm get through for lethal.

Wood 2 – Neeman 0

Ian Wood sweeps Jeremy Neeman in the semifinals.After another mulligan, Neeman flew out of the gates with a pair of Llanowar Elves and a Heritage Druid and hoped. Sure enough, on Wood’s third turn, he had the Volcanic Fallout to wipe them out. Neeman cycled through a Manamorphose and then hid an Elvish Visionary under a Mosswort Bridge. In the post-Fallout game, Wood got to work with a Putrid Leech while Neeman tried to rebuild with an Elvish Archdruid, only to lose it to a Maelstrom Pulse while Wood summoned another Leech. A Deathmark took out a Devoted Druid and the Leeches dropped Neeman to 6 life, a Ranger of Eos fetched a pair of Nettle Sentinels, but once again Wood forced lethal damage with a Jund Charm.

Ian Wood defeats Jeremy Neeman 3 – 0

Semifinals: Jamie Mackintosh vs Hugh Glanville

by Pip Hunn

“Wait, we played in draft, right?”
“Yeah, I think we did.”
“Hang on – you crushed me with the Battlegrace Angel!”
“Oh, yeah, I did. I crushed a lot of people with that card.”

It must all start to blur after two days of intensive play. Mackintosh is flying high, having made the Worlds team off his first Nationals. Glanville is a tournament veteran, winner of multiple PTQ’s through Australia and placing well at several GP’s. Mackintosh is piloting Elfball against Glanville’s Faerie deck.

Mackintosh led the action with a Heritage Druid, followed by a Devoted Druid. The Heritage Druid beat down, not its’ usual role, but effective enough. Glanville dropped a Bitterblossom, leaving Mackintosh unmolested for his third turn. Elvish Visionary cantripped, and then tapped down via Heritage Druid, summoning another Visionary. Devoted Druid untapped itself and another Heritage Druid entered the battlefield. The freshly summoned Elves tapped out for a Third Visionary and a single mana.

“Luckily, there’s no mana burn any more”, pointed out Mackintosh, who passed to Glanville.
“I suppose I’ll burn from my Bitterblossom”, agreed Glanville, dropping another token into play with no further action.

Regal Force hit play, refilling Mackintosh’s hand with 7 new cards. Mackintosh dropped another Devoted Druid and went to discard. Glanville flashed in a Scion of Oona and motioned for Mackintosh to continue, who threw away a useless Burrenton Forge-Tender and a Forest.

Glanville untapped with a slowly accumulating flying army and passed. Mackintosh considered his options, hand full of goodies. He tapped 5 mana for a Primal Command, but Glanville had a Cryptic Command to counter it and draw himself a card. With Glanville safely tapped down, Ranger of Eos resolved for Mackintosh and fetched two Nettle Sentinels. The Nettle Sentinel engine got online and dropped two Elvish Archdruids. Mackintosh continued with a second Regal Force, drawing 14 cards and leaving an impressive army on the board.

Glanville untapped and lost another life for a blocker. He considered his outs, then passed the action over. Mackintosh moved to declare his attackers, looking surprised when Glanville cheerfully passed priority. A massive army rumbled across the Red zone – two Regal Forces, 3 Visionaries, and a Heritage Druid. An Agony Warp from Glanville took out one of the Archdruids, killing off Devoted Druids who had accumulated counters. Peppersmoke on a Heritage Druid kept one of the Faeries alive.

Mackintosh clarified with a judge how the triggers from Nettle Sentinel work, with Glanville watching over the interactions. Mackintosh promptly cast another Archdruid, forgetting to untap his men. Laughing at his mistake, he played a second Nettle Sentinel and continued to power out men using the powerful mana engine. A Primal Command fetched out a Cloudthresher, followed by a Mirror entity.

Glanville moved to his sideboard for answers.

Glanville – 0 Mackintosh - 1

During sideboarding, Mackintosh let Glanville know that this was the first Faeries match up he’d had to battle all Nationals.

Bitterblossom faced off against a Llanowar Elves, who tripled the board into a trio of Llanowars, a Heritage Druid, and a great Sable Stag. Glanville Deathmarked the Heritage Druid and cast a second Bitterblossom, eager to get men onto the board to match the rising tide of Elves.

Mackintosh swung in with his men, a Faerie consuming one of the Llanowars. Glenville fell to 13, then to 10 from the Stag as the Bitterblossoms continued to eat away at his life total. Two of the 1/1’s entered battle, bringing the life totals to 18-8. Cryptic Command stopped another attack from Mackintosh, buying Glanville more time to accumulate men. Post-combat, Mackintosh dropped another Llanowar Elf and passed.

Glanville fell to 6 during his upkeep, swung through the air for 4, looking to race as quickly as he could. Mackintosh hit in with his Stag once more, bringing Glanville down to 3. He fell to one during his upkeep and scooped, holding a hand full of useless Islands.

Glanville – 0 Mackintosh - 2

Mackintosh led out with a Llanowar Elf once again, which was immediately Peppersmoked. Mackintosh laid a second Llanowar and a Nettle Sentinel, threatening more mana shenanigans. Glanville dropped his third land and cast a Bitterblossom, leaving only an Island untapped for Mackintosh’s turn. The Nettle Sentinel attacked, and helped a post-combat Heritage Druid power out a Great Sable Stag. Windbrisk Heights finished off Mackintosh’s turn.

Glanville slid a Faerie token into play and dropped a Mutavault, leaving himself short of Cryptic Command mana. An Elvish Visionary was countered by a Spellstutter Sprite, but the Nettle Sentinel and Great Sable Stag crashed in regardless. The Sentinel was gang-blocked but the Stag took a chunk out of Glanville, knocking him to 14. A second Visionary was countered by a second Spellstutter, leaving Glanville with one blue man on the board.

Glanville drew into his 5th land, swung with the Spellstutter Sprite, and passed, leaving Cryptic Command mana open as well as his two Mutavaults. Mackintosh attacked with his team. Two Mutavaults jumped in front of the Stag. Windbrisk Heights flipped out a Ranger of Eos, but Glanville had a Spellstutter, which stopped the creature-tutor in his tracks. Glanville flashed in a Clique, stopping any recovery from Mackintosh, and dropped another the following turn to finish the game.

Glanville – 1 Mackintosh - 2

Mackintosh had a busted sleeve in his opening hand, joking about the extra sideboard opportunity as he swapped sleeves with his spare 15. Glanville wasn’t happy with his opener, which might have been fine had he known about the lands lurking on top of his library. The 6 was keepable, and Mackintosh led play with a Nettle Sentinel.

The Sentinel bashed, then was joined by a Devoted Druid. Glanville passed with two untapped lands, casting a Spellstutter on Mackintosh’s Heritage Druid. Mackintosh simply attacked and cast a Stag post-combat. Glanville’s lone Sprite swung into combat, taking the life totals to 19-16. A draw-step Vendilion Clique nabbed a freshly topdecked Stag, leaving Mackintosh with a Ranger of Eos in hand. The Sentinel and Stag swung in regardless, the Clique leaping to block and give Glanville some breathing space. Mackintosh unloaded a Visionary, a second Devoted Druid and a Llanowar Elves onto the board, then passed.

Glanville dropped a Deathmark onto the Llanowar Elf, stalling on lands and unable to play out the Cryptic Commands and Mistbind Clique he had in hand. Mackintosh’s Stag continued to beat away, dropping Glanville to 10.

A knock on the top of the deck was answered by a Swamp for Glanville, giving him the pivotal fourth mana and opening up some options. Glanville passed with his mana open. Mackintosh simply attacked and passed, not wanting to walk into anything Glanville might be holding.

Sower of Temptation stole an untapped Devoted Druid. Mackintosh shook his head in frustration when he realized he could have killed his Druid in response. The Sower was championed by a Mistbind Clique in Mackintosh’s upkeep, slowing him down.

Hugh Glanville and Jamie Mackintosh play the full match.A Cryptic Command stopped the Stag’s aggression for a turn. Mackintosh looked at the board, then asked, “So how man Cryptic Commands can you have?”
“A lot!” was the confident response.
The second Command got cast, stopping the Stag for one more turn. Mackintosh pondered his options. With Glanville only on 4 life, he had to sneak in one more nibble with the Stag, plus find an additional damage from somewhere. Eventually, he decided to pass.

Glanville swung once more with his Mistbind Clique, dropping Mackintosh to 5. Post combat, he cast Deathmark on the Devoted Druid and passed, with only 3 mana untapped. Mackintosh swung with the Stag, dropping Glanville to one. Glanville flashed in a Spellstutter to get the lethal damage in the air, and the players shuffled up for the final game.

Glanville – 2 Mackintosh - 2

Mackintosh led with Windbrisk Heights. Glanville answered with a Secluded Glen, revealing Mistbind Clique. Mackintosh had a slow start, with his dual land coming into play tapped, but Glanville proved to be in a worse position, having to discard without laying a second land. Mackintosh deliberately laid a Devoted Druid, which was Deathmarked without sign of a second land for Glanville. When a Great Sable Stag resolved unopposed, both players shook their heads.

Mackintosh grew his board with an Elvish Visionary and a Nettle Sentinel. Glanville could only Deathmark the Sentinel, still stalling. He fell to 13 on Mackintosh’s attack, then scooped to Mackintosh’s Primal Command.

Glanville – 2 Mackintosh - 3

3rd Place Playoff: Hugh Glanville vs Jeremy Neeman

by Pip Hunn

Both players are under gentle suggestion to use post-M10 terminology as much as possible, in order to propagate the new language amongst our viewing audience.
“I roll a die onto the Battlefield!”
“I also roll a die onto the Battlefield!”
Both players battling for the slot on the Worlds team are from Canberra and good friends. They drafted next to each other twice in the Swiss, and managed to avoid being matched up until the final round, where they ID’d into the Top 8. Something suggests this match will be fairly relaxed.

Neeman led off with a Llanowar Elves and a Noble Hierarch, answered by a Bitterblossom from Glanville. Ranger of Eos roared into play, hunting for a pair of Nettle Sentinels. Neeman’s army began to look impressive compared to puny Faerie tokens appearing on the other side of the board. Vendilion Clique blocked an incoming Sentinel, with the Ranger delivering a swift jab to Glanville. “Onto the Battlefield with you!” cried Neeman, unloading a Heritage Druid and the second Sentinel.

Hugh Glanville enters the battlefield.Not to be outdone, Glanville announced the Battlefield-placement of a second Bitterblossom as well as the generation of each token coming into play. Coverage and event staff began to doubt the wisdom of encouraging such enthusiastic players. Glanville cast an Agony Warp during Neeman’s Draw step to take out the Sentinel and negate the Ranger for a turn.

Faerie tokens nibbled away at Neeman, with a Mistbind Clique dropping onto, yes, “the Battlefield!” during Neeman’s upkeep. Heritage Druid enabled an Elvish Archdruid to pump Neeman’s men, but none were left untapped to attack. Glanville simply cracked through the air for 6, leaving behind a couple of tokens on defense. Neeman swung with all of his team bar the Archdruid. Glanville, on 10, activated his Mutavaults and chumped all the incoming attackers, losing his lands but giving himself more time for his fliers to get the job done.

Neeman tried a second Ranger of Eos but a Spellstutter Sprite stopped it in its’ tracks. Glanville dropped to 8 during his upkeep and attacked once more for 6 through the air. Neeman threw a second Archdruid into play, but a Broken Ambitions from Glanville forced him to tap down enough men for mana that attacking was moot. Neeman scooped to the incoming fliers.

Glanville – 1 Neeman – 0

Neeman dropped a Noble Hierarch onto the board, which was rapidly Marked for Death. Elvish Visionary was met with a Thoughtseize from Glanville, seeing Cloudthresher, 2 Great Sable Stags, an Elvish Archdruid and a Forest. One of the Stags hit the graveyard, but the other was slammed into play. Glanville had no plays and took a beating from the Stag and Visionary. Neeman played out a Ranger of Eos, once more fetching a pair of Nettle Sentinels. Glanville flashed in a Scion of Oona in his end step, but had no action in his own turn other than to swing for one through the air.

Neeman declared an attack, eager to get across the board with his men. Everyone swung in, with a Spellstutter Sprite flashing in to block the Ranger of Eos. Post combat, Neeman dropped an Elvish Archdruid, but it was stopped with a Flashfreeze. The two Nettle Sentinels hit play and Neeman passed. Once more, Glanville had no action on his own turn, passing with cards in hand and mana open. Neeman attacked with his whole team and another Spellstutter came down during blockers. Sensing weakness, Neeman dropped his Cloudthresher, clearing the board of blockers and winning the game.

Glanville – 1 Neeman – 1

Neeman started the action with a Heritage Druid. Glanville dropped both a Deathmark on the 1/1 and a Thoughtseize. Neeman revealed a hand of Devoted Druid, Manamorphose, Cloudthresher, Qasali Pridemage and land. Unsurprisingly, the large Elemental hit the bin.

After no action from Glanville, the Pridemage got in, Watchwolf-style. A follow-up Devoted Druid was stopped with a Flashfreeze, allowing a Nettle Sentinel to drop into play unopposed. Neeman tried an Archdruid but a Spellstutter Sprite killed any chance of the Lord coming into play. Neeman’s men attacked along the ground unblocked, dropping Glanville to seven.

Glanville smiled at the Pridemage and shook his head before dropping a Bitterblossom. And passing. Neeman took the opportunity to flash in a Cloudthresher, then cast another for free from under a Mosswort Bridge. Both players laughed and Glanville scooped up his cards.

Glanville – 1 Neeman – 2

Glanville realized that the only game he’s won so far has involved excessive use of the phrase “Battlefield”. He resolved to try harder in this game. Nettle Sentinel was the first opportunity for a player to use the cry, but Neeman passed his opportunity. Glanville dropped a Bitterblossom, and Neeman followed up his Sentinel’s attack with a heritage Druid and Llanowar Elves. When he swung into an open board, Glanville flashed in a Scion of Oona, his 2/2 token blocking the Sentinel. Neeman dropped another Heritage Druid and passed.

Jeremy Neeman struggles to deal with Glanville’s fliers.Glanville took the opportunity to attack with his Scion of Oona, before casting a Mistbind Clique during Neeman’s upkeep. Neeman shrugged and used his Heritage Druid and a land to power out a Ranger of Eos, who searched for the inimitable pair of Nettle Sentinels. The Scion and Clique attacked through the air for 6 before passing. Glanville played a second Mistbind Clique, earning a shrug and a concession from Neeman.

Glanville – 2 Neeman – 2

Neeman lead out with a Sentinel, which Glanville was happy to Deathmark. Neeman shrugged it off and followed up with a Llanowar Elves and a hermit Druid. Thoughtseize from Glanville ate a Cloudthresher, leaving Neeman with 2 lands in hand. He draws and played a Nettle Sentinel, getting into combat with his men.

Elvish Archdruid off the top pumped Neeman’s men, giving Glanville pause. He took the damage, then flashed in a Scion. Glanville played a Sower of Temptation, took Neeman’s lord, and swung through the air. Neeman called for a Cloudthresher and knocked his deck, but didn’t get it.

Glanville cast a Mistbind Clique the following upkeep, furthering Neeman’s woes and accelerating his own offense. Neeman tried an Elvish Visionary to dig for answers, but found nothing of use. Neeman congratulated Glanville, third member of the Australian Worlds team.

Glanville – 3 Neeman - 2

Finals: Ian Wood vs Jamie Mackintosh

by Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Ian Wood and Jamie Mackintosh squared off in the last round of day one to be the last undefeated player. Having both qualified for this event through their first ever Regionals, this was also clearly their first ever National Champs, and obviously their inexperience hasn’t stopped them, as they’re now playing for the hallowed title of National Champion.

Wood won the roll, while Mackintosh cashed his seven-card hand in for six. “Interesting,” Wood noted, as Mackintosh had a turn one Burrenton Forge-Tender. The following turn he cycled through a Manamorphose into an Elvish Visionary, drawing out of his mulligan as quickly as he could. Not liking the Forge-Tender’s ability to counter any of his sweepers, Wood took it down with a Maelstrom Pulse. Ranger of Eos found Mackintosh a Nettle Sentinel and a Heritage Druid, while Wood’s four lands, with very little Blue mana meant he had little in reply. Wood summoned a Kitchen Finks, and passed the turn back without a fifth land. Mackintosh had no shortage of mana, as he powered Elf after Elf on to the battlefield with the help of his Heritage Druid, and then Primal Commanded Wood’s Vivid Marsh back to his library, searching up a Regal Force. Wood Lightning Bolted the Druid in response, and wondered how he was going to catch up with Mackintosh’s board position.

Mackintosh sent in his Ranger, and it traded with the first half of the Kitchen Finks. Wood returned the Finks for two, replayed his Vivid Marsh and finished off the two Elvish Visionaries with another Maelstrom Pulse. Mackintosh played another Visionary and the Nettle Sentinel on his turn, and sent it back. Wood could only attack again for 2 and pass, throwing a Lightning Bolt at the Nettle Sentinel when it attacked. Mackintosh then drew two off of his Regal Force and passed it back. Still stuck on four land, Wood summoned another Kitchen Finks and ended.

Mackintosh had another Ranger of Eos, again fetching the Nettle Sentinel and Heritage Druid duo, allowing him to fill the battlefield with Elves, before hiding an Elvish Archdruid under a Windbrisk Heights. Wood drew and played a Vivid Grove. “Not a Reflecting Pool, that’s good for me,” Mackintosh remarked. Wood passed the turn back to Mackintosh, who simply turned his swarm sideways, flipping up the Archdruid after Wood had blocked. Wood took 14, dropping to 10, before finally untapping with five mana. Still without a play, Wood sent the turn back. Mackintosh asking Wood if he had any plays at each step, smelling something amiss in Wood’s hand. Sure enough, Wood swept aside everything but the Regal Force with a Volcanic Fallout when Mackintosh attacked. Mackintosh simply reloaded with a Ranger of Eos, fetching the Sentinel/Druid duo again.

Ian Wood tries to figure out how he’s going to stop Mackintosh’s Elvish army.Wood untapped and cascaded up a Putrid Leech with a Bloodbraid Elf. Mackintosh played a pair of Elves and another Regal Force, drawing six cards. He then sent in his team. Wood now on 8 life, pondered his blocks, before deciding to eat the Druid with his Bloodbraid, and trade his Leech for the Ranger, and putting him at 1 life. “Maelstrom Pulse and Jund Charm in the same turn?” Mackintosh asked, now that Wood had six land. “Pass the turn,” was all he could reply.

Mackintosh untapped and played a Primal Command on one of Wood’s filter lands, while Wood pondered his play, Mackintosh said, “just so you know, I’m going to find a Cloudthresher and Evoke it.” That was enough to get Wood to scoop up his cards finally, ending an epic Game 1.

Mackintosh 1 – Wood 0

“Are you feeling the pressure?” Mackintosh asked. Wood simply shook his head with a smile. “You’re so calm!” Mackintosh exclaimed with a laugh, before admitting, “yeah, me too.”

It was Wood’s turn to mulligan. Before the match, he mentioned that he’d found the trick to this match was mulliganing into a sweeper, which was probably what he was trying to do now, keeping his six. Wood had a Lightning Bolt for Mackintosh’s turn one Llanowar Elves, and even though he missed his third land drop, had a Putrid Leech. Mackintosh however, summoned a Nettle Sentinel and an Elvish Archdruid. The Leech swung in unblocked, and while Wood had found his third land, not surprisingly, it came into the battlefield tapped. He still managed to Path to Exile Mackintosh’s Archdruid during his upkeep.

Mackintosh cantripped a Manamorphose and an Elvish Visionary into a Burrenton Forge-Tender, and attacked with his Sentinel. Wood attacked back with his Leech, and then offered it up to a Jund Charm by not pumping it, to tempt Mackintosh to allow it to resolve. Mackintosh wasn’t tempted however, and prevented the damage with his Forge-Tender, and replaced it during his turn, also summoning a Heritage Druid.

Wood finally untapped with four mana, and cascaded out a Kitchen Finks with a Bloodbraid Elf. Mackintosh counted his four mana, and eyed up his two untapped Elves and one tapped Sentinel and shook his head. He then played another Heritage Druid, and then a Mirror Entity, before passing the turn back, on 8 life to Wood’s 11. Wood revealed a Cryptic Command, and asked if that was game? “Nope,” Mackintosh replied. Which helped clue Wood in to the fact that the Forge-Tender could fog the Bloodbraid, preventing Lethal damage. During Mackintosh’s upkeep, Wood tapped down his team and drew a card. Mackintosh summoned a Heritage Druid and a Llanowar Elves, untapping the Sentinel and passing the turn.

Wood attacked with his Finks, Bloodbraid and Leech. Llanowar and Sentinel blocked the Leech, while the Druid blocked the Bloodbraid. Mackintosh tapped the three Elves for three mana, and activated the Mirror Entity for three, and Wood Lightning Bolted it in response. Wood then played another Kitchen Finks and passed the turn back.

Jamie Mackintosh shuffles after playing yet another Ranger of EosMackintosh had two Druids, a Llanowar, a Visionary and a Forge-Tender left. He tapped three Elves and summoned a Regal Force, drawing five cards. He summoned two more Llanowar Elves and passed the turn back. “Go go gadget Bloodbraid,” Wood muttered as he drew his card, before passing the turn back. Mackintosh summoned an Elvish Archdruid, and attacked with his three Llanowar Elves and the Regal Force, one of the Finks blocking the 5/5. After combat, Mackintosh played a Primal Command on Wood’s Vivid Crag, and gained 7 life, taking him far enough out of range that Wood scooped up his cards again.

Mackintosh 2 – Wood 0

While they shuffled up for Game 3, Mackintosh looked over the trophy. “Why Voidslime? Why not something like Cryptic Command that’s actually relevant?”

After another mulligan, Wood led Game 3 with a Reflecting Pool. “No Vivids?” Mackintosh asked in surprise, summoning a Llanowar Elves. Wood then played a Swamp, managing a Flooded Grove and a Putrid Leech on his third turn. Mackintosh, after another Llanowar Elf on turn two, sent back the Grove with a Primal Command, searching out a Mirror Entity after much deliberation and a hurry on from the table judge. Wood attacked with his Leech and replayed his Flooded Grove. “You have Blue, Black and Green available?” Mackintosh confirmed, summoning a Burrenton Forge-Tender, an Elvish Archdruid and a Nettle Sentinel, before getting in for 2 with an Elvish Visionary.

Wood found another Reflecting Pool and summoned a Kitchen Finks, and braced himself for the Entity. Mackintosh attacked with his team, the Entity providing far more than enough damage, crowning Jamie Mackintosh the 2009 Australian National Champion in three straight games!

Jamie Mackintosh defeats Ian Wood 3 – 0

Sunday, July 19: 8:23p.m. – PTQ Top 8 decks

by Russell “Ralphy” Alphey

Steven Aplin

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Anthony Hallett

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Pradeep Widawa-Pathirana

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Paul Holtzman

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Andrew Deanovic

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