Canadian Nationals 2000 Coverage


Ryan Fuller is the 2000 Canadian National Champion after defeating Murray Evans, 3-2, in the finals. Fuller takes home $2,500 for his weekend of Magic. The Canadian National Team consists of Ryan Fuller, Murray Evans, Gab Tsang, and Sam Lau.


Top 8 (decklists available here)

  1. Ryan Fuller with Stompy - $2,500
  2. Murray Evans with Stompy - $1,500
  3. Gab Tsang with Accelerated Blue - $1,000
  4. Sam Lau with Accelerated Blue - $1,000
  5. Terry Lau with Tinker
  6. Michael Gurney with Monoblue
  7. Roland Aw with Monoblue
  8. Jason The with Bargain




Pairings, results, standing

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