2001 Canadian National Championship Coverage

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Terry Tsang enjoyed quick victories with his Skies deck, becoming the 2001 Canadian National Champion. Joining him on the Canadian National Team are former Junior Pro-Tour great Elijah Pollock and newcomer Sam Lount, playing Counter-Rebels and Dark Fires respectively. Look for great success from this talented team at Worlds, returning the Sideboard spotlight back to Canada a few weeks from now.


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Terry Tsang (Burnaby) $2,500
 2.  Elijah Pollock (Toronto) $1,500
 3.  Sam Lount (Winnipeg) $1,000
 4.  Benny Wong (Burnaby) $1,000
 5.  Gary Wise (Willowdale) $500
 6.  Jason Simard (Winnipeg) $500
 7.  Louis Boileau (Brossard) $500
 8.  Ben Raymond (Kingston) $500

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top 8 bracket


(1) Terry Tsang

(8) Sam Lount

(4) Gary Wise

(5) Ben Raymond

(2) Louis Boileau

(7) Jason Simard

(3) Elijah Pollock

(6) Benny Wong


Terry Tsang, 3-2

Gary Wise, 3-2

Jason Simard, 3-0

Elijah Pollock, 3-1


Terry Tsang, 3-0

Elijah Pollock, 3-1


Terry Tsang

Losers Bracket


Jason Simard

Semifinal 2 Loser

Sam Lount

Ben Raymond

Louis Boileau

Benny Wong

Gary Wise

Semifinal 1 Loser

Loser's Bracket Finals

Jason Simard

Sam Lount, 3-0

Benny Wong, 3-1

Gary Wise

Loser's Bracket Winners

Sam Lount, 3-2

Benny Wong, 3-2

3/4-Place Playoff

Sam Lount, 3-0




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