Battle for Zendikar Booster Draft

Posted in 2015 MAGIC COMMUNITY CUP on September 21, 2015

By Nate Price

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The Battle for Zendikar did not go well for the Community Team yesterday. After three rounds of Sealed Deck play yesterday, they had only managed to win 8 of the 24 matches that took place, putting them in a big 12-point hole coming into today's play. But they fought back during the Ironroot Chef rounds today to end a mere 2 points behind. There would be no ties, only a winner and a loser. And Twitch streamer Gabe "Doc" Reale was dead set on making sure that his team ended up on the winning side.

Pages of analysis from some of the best minds in Magic, all helping to craft strategies in this as-of-yet undrafted format. He was convinced that it would help his team catapult over their hurdle to victory, but the road was still long. Not everyone was happy with their decks at the end of the draft, however.

And Twitch streamer and third-best Cheon Kenji Egashira would be the first to test his skills under the camera, with a familiar foe awaiting him.


Despite feeling a bit underwhelmed by his own deck, Kenji managed to stave off defeat, winning an incredibly close couple of games to give his team the first win of the last event.

After taking his beating like a true gentleman, Worth proceeded to use the "purge user" function on Kenji.

Swedish professional Magic player and heartthrob Joel Larsson had an equally impressive first round against Alli Medwin, where a pair of Planar Outbursts sealed the deal for him. As many people were quick to point out, no one ever expects the second Wrath of God.

With everything on the line, the air in the room was incredibly tense. The Community had managed to win 5-3 in the first round of Draft, giving them a 4-point lead, but they knew from experience just how fast those leads can evaporate.

In the next round, the Wizards Team struck back, first with Mike Turian getting revenge for Worth on Kenji.

In the end, the Wizards Team managed to pull an even 4-4, stemming their bleeding. One person they couldn't stop, though, was The Mana Source's Anthony "Wedge" D'Aconto.

After going effectively 0-12 during the first day of play, Wedge redeemed himself with an incredibly strong draft deck and a dominating performance featuring an alliance with one of the Multiverse's strongest champions of justice.

It all came down to the final round. The Community Team needed to win four matches to lock up their victory. The first came from Magic: The Amateuring's Maria Bartholdi.

But Alli Medwin's incredibly strong Allies deck evened things right back up.

Then the Community managed two more impressive victories, with Kenji Egashira

and Adam Styborski winning their matches.

It all came down to one tense moment. All three matches outstanding were in their third and final game. All the Community Team needed was a single victory to clench their place on the cup. The man they turned to was the man who had pulled himself back up to lead the team in their home charge: Wedge.

With Gideon by his side, he managed to defeat the Senior Director of Magic R&D Aaron Forsythe, one of the biggest end-game bosses Wizards can boast. Wedge had done it, securing himself a perfect Sunday and a Community victory!

With the celebration beginning throughout the room, the players on the Community Team took their turns posing with their hard-earned trophy!

Congratulations to the Community Team, the 2015 Magic Community Cup champions!

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