Posted in ETERNAL WEEKEND 2014 - COVERAGE - EVENTS on October 26, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

Nine years ago, Roland Chang showed up to The Vintage Championship with a Mishra's Workshop deck that caught everyone unprepared and steamrolled its way to victory. Today, the latest Vintage craze seems to be Treasure Cruise, especially in Delver of Secrets style strategies. It seems the format has unwittingly moved to a place where Mishra's Workshop could, once again, be a force to be reckoned with. Chang is undefeated going into the eighth round here today, and his chances for Top 8 are looking very good.

I had the opportunity to sit down with the 2005 Vintage World Champion.

Jacob Van Lunen: "Where are you from?"

Roland Chang: "New York City."

JVL: "How long have you been playing Magic? Vintage?"

RC: "I started right before Alliances came out. I was really only interested in Type 1 from the beginning. I started really cutting my teeth hard when I met Steve Menendian and the rest of Team Meandeck in Columbus, Ohio. I started really mastering the Vintage format in college at Miami University in Ohio with Michael Bomholt, Craig Seaborn, and Doug Lin."

JVL: "Do you always play Mishra's Workshop decks? Or did you choose the deck for this weekend because of its strength in the metagame?"

RC: "I pick the best deck for a given format. I think the deck is very strong right now. The right pilot can be super creative with lines of play and find a way to win in any situation. The Forino brothers, Vincent and Raphael, created the deck and helped me test with it. I've been using their exact 75 and their theory."

JVL: "What did you change about your deck to combat Treasure Cruise?"

RC: "We added a Sphere or two to push the Treasure Cruise decks out of range so they can't start chaining spells. When players Delve a whole bunch of cards to Treasure Cruise through Spheres it's a lot like when people Gush through Spheres, it usually puts them too far behind in resources."

JVL: "What was the most unexpected card you've seen today?"

RC: "I had an opponent cast a foil Russian Ral Zarek to untap their Time Vault repeatedly. He could've just used Voltaic Key, but style points are important. Props to that guy."

JVL: "What would another Vintage Championship win mean to you?"

RC: "It would mean the world. I took a hiatus from Magic after losing my entire collection. I've been playing well and, today, I feel like I'm back. All the guys at Twenty Sided Store in Brooklyn, New York have been instrumental in my comeback. I knew I had it in me, but I needed that desire. And I have it again."