It ended the same way a lot of Standard games have ended in the last few months: a huge Psychatog cruising through an Upheaval-swept table. In the last day of this Standard format, and despite all its naysayers, Mr. Teeth took yet another title. With the best Magic player looking over his shoulder the entire time David Brucker did not waver through the long games: he knew his deck would pull him through.


Top 8 Final Standing

1.David Brucker $15,000
2.Christophe Haim $7,500
3.Victor van den Broek $5,500
4.Marco Lombardi $4,500
5.Amiel Tenenbaum $3,000
6.Anton Jonsson $2,500
7.Roland Bode $2,000
8.Svend Geertsen $1,500

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top 8 bracket


(1) Amiel Tenenbaum

(8) Christophe Haim

(4) Marco Lombardi

(5) Roland Bode

(2) Anton Jonsson

(7) David Brucker

(3) Victor van den Broek

(6) Svend Geertsen


Christophe Haim, 3-1

Marco Lombardi, 3-2

David Brucker, 3-1

Victor van den Broek, 3-0


Christophe Haim

David Brucker, 3-1


David Brucker, 3-1


Quick Interview (archive)

"Which European country is the best right now?"

Anton Jonsson, Sweden: "I have to say Sweden. We have guys like Thomas [Rosholm] and Jens [Thorén], so of course we're the best." Svend Geertsen, Denmark: "Denmark, we have so much potential." Alexander Witt, The Netherlands: "The Netherlands. We have more good players, Germany has only one."






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