Grand Prix Atlantic City #firstpick

Posted in Event Coverage on May 10, 2015

By Peter Rawlings

For his second draft of the day, David Ochoa was building what was shaping up to be a nice White-Blue deck after cracking two packs of Dragons of Tarkir. Upon opening his sole pack of Fate Reforged he found himself facing down a decision between the following two cards:

In the end Ochoa settled on the 6-mana instant, which could guarantee him a nice two-for-one tempo swing every time it resolved. We asked those following the Grand Prix coverage on Twitter through @magicprotour what choice they would make were they in his shoes.

The answers were, overwhelmingly, in favor of Elite Scaleguard.

For @PatEuglow the bolstering Human Soldier was simply the more consistently strong card. With Supplant Form there could be occasions where Ochoa would end up spending a pricey six mana simply to temporarily remove a small or insignificant creature, making the Scaleguard the superior option.

Meanwhile @SashaRowley opted for the Scaleguard for different—possibly greedier—reasons. The logic for @SashaRowley was that the expensive blue spell would have a greater chance of making its way around the table, whereas the Scaleguard was more likely to be snatched up by other drafters—as it was, by Chris Fennel, two seats over.

In fact, not a single person replying to our question came out in favor of Supplant Form. The closest was @AlanJenkins2, who hedged that the pick would vary based on context, and be dependent on the exact composition of Ochoa's build.

So, with the Internet at large firmly on #TeamScaleguard, did Ochoa still stand behind his choice? “Absolutely. It’s Supplant Form and it’s not even close,” Ochoa said. Supplant Form is a much more difficult card for opponents to play around and Elite Scaleguard, while definitely a good card, only truly excels in a narrower subset of decks, he said. “Here, it's Supplant Form all the way.”

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