Posted in Event Coverage on May 9, 2015

By Peter Rawlings

What Common Has Been Your Best Performer?

While huge Dragons and other bomb rares might be the first cards players looking through their Sealed pools, it's often the lowly commons that are left to do the heavy lifting. We asked four of the top pros at Grand Prix Atlantic City which commons had done the most work for them in Day 1.

Jacob Wilson - Qarsi Sadist

Qarsi Sadist was the answer for No. 14 Jacob Wilson. The reason? “Well, I've drawn it with Assault Formation every game, and played against a lot of 2/1s,” he said. “It's been surprising—I certainly wasn't happy to put it in my deck.”

While he may not have been initially thrilled to the Human Cleric among his final 40 cards, the exploit-er has pulled its weight, and allowed the Pro Tour Fate Reforged Quarterfinalist to make such value-laden plays as using it to sacrifice a Dutiful Attendant to return a Sidisi, Undead Vizier to his hand.

Sam Pardee - Tormenting Voice

Sam Pardee, he of a recent Grand Prix Top 8 in Krakow, named his two copies of Tormenting Voice. “It just let's me filter through my bad cards,” he said, noting that it tended to be better in Sealed than in Draft.

Tom Martell - Marsh Hulk

Marsh Hulk “just keeps killing my opponent,” said Hall of Famer Tom Martell. While it might just be a large creature, it's often bigger than whatever his opponents have had, he said. “They also return my Deathmist Raptor, which is gas.”

Jon stern - Lurking Arynx

Jon Stern singled out Lurking Arynx for praise. “I have a White-Green creature deck with no removal, and I need a way to punch through,” he said. While he generally hasn't thought much of the Cat Beast in Draft, it had been good for him in Sealed today. “There have been times where I just activate it three or four times and then attack with something like eight creatures,” he said.

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