Quick Questions #2: What BFZ Draft Card Evaluation has Changed the Most for You?

Posted in Event Coverage on November 15, 2015

By Marc Calderaro

It's been almost two months since we started playing the Battle for Zendikar draft format. The nuanced, synergy structure of the format has made some cards wildly change in relative power level, even though there's been no printing change.

What cards in BFZ draft have changed the most in your experience?

Luis Scott-Vargas

Luis Scott-VargasSludge Crawler, Up

Ingest is much more critical that I thought [when I first saw the set]. And it's good on turn one, and it's pretty good on turn eight.

Gerry Thompson

Gerry ThompsonRolling Thunder, Down//Boiling Earth, Up

Sure you have the times when you get Castigator, Shadow Glider, and something else, but too often you're just like “Ok, six mana, kill your Kozilek's Sentinel.” There's so much toughness in this format, Rolling Thunder is not quite what it used to be.

Also, Boiling Earth kind of fills in some of its space ... that card has gone way up for me. I used to be, “I definitely want this card in my sideboard;” now I'm like, “I definitely want this card in my main deck.”

Neal Oliver

Neal OliverWave-Wing Elemental, Up

I always liked it; now I like it more. Synergy decks were good for a while, but now that everyone's fighting over different synergy decks, the standalone power cards have gone up.

Matt Sperling

Matt SperlingKalastria Healer, Down

It never tables anymore, and the White-Black Lifegain deck isn't that good without it. I don't like drafting it. I mean, I'm on the deck right now, but still...

Tom Martell

Tom MartellOutnumber, Down

I just don't draft a bunch of red decks that have a lot of red guys ... The card's still removal, it's just not a first pick.

Nathan Holiday

Nathan HolidaySwarm Surge, Up

I was thinking it's just a Trumpet Blast, but it can be much more. When you want that card for your deck you really want it. The Swarm Surge deck can be very powerful.

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