Quarterfinals: Fabian Dickmann vs. Yifan Wei

Posted in GRAND PRIX AUCKLAND 2015 on March 15, 2015

By Neale Talbot

Fabian Dickmann's aggressive Jeskai deck was up against the slower Sultai deck from Yifan Wei. Dickmann summoned a turn two Frost Walker, which Wei immediately targeted with a Debilitating Injury. Dickmann cast a Dragon Bell Monk, which Wei Scouted the Borders. Wei then went for a big play, using Delve to cast an early Necropolis Fiend.

Dickmann casually used Smite the Monstrous to slay the demon and continue his assault. A few turns later, Dickmann cleared Wei's Unyielding Krumar with a Feat of Resistance. Wei, in trouble, cast a Rakshasa's Secret to knock the last cards from Dickmann’s hand, then played a lonely tapped Mardu Skullhunter.

Yifan Wei is in trouble.

Wei had a plan, however. Though down to five life, he used the Skullhunter to trigger raid in order to cast a Bellowing Saddelbrute without taking life loss. It was not enough, though, as Yifan hoarded enough cards to finish Yifan off with Master the Way for exact damage.

Dickmann 1 - Wei 0

Dickmann was off to a much slower start Game 2, while Wei ensured he'd make his land drops by summoning an Ainok Guide, searching for a plains. Dickmann floundered, while Wei ran out a Mardu Skullhunter, Bellowing Saddelbrute, and a Rotting Mastodon.

Dickmann tried to rally with a Jeskai Student and a Sandsteppe Outcast, but a Siege Rhino from Wei pushed Dickmann too far behind, and Dickmann conceded.

Dickmann 1 - Wei 1

Game 3, and both players chose to keep their grip of seven cards. Once again Dickmann found a Turn 2 Frost Walker.

"No Debilitating Injury!" joked Dickmann, putting his hands over the Walker. Wei pulled a face, but merely plated an Ainok Guide as a 2/2 and passed the turn.

Dickmann cast a Crippling Chill on the Ainok and smashed in for four damage. Wei had no further response on Turn 3, so the Frost Walker went into the red zone again, and then was joined by a Dragon Bell Monk. Wei summoned Alesha's Vanguard, hoping to stop the Walker.

Fabian Dickmann is walking it home.

Dickmann asked to speak to a judge. After confirming the rules, he played an Elite Scaleguard to bolster the Frost Walker. As bolster doesn't target, the Frost Walker became a 7/3. It attacked, tapping down the Alesha's Vanguard. Wei, on 12 life, was reluctant to go down to 5 life, and chump blocked the Frost Walker with the Ainok Guide.

Wei cast a Unyielding Krumar, hoping to stem the tide. However Dickmann found a Singing Bell Strike, tapping it down. The ability of the Elite Scaleguard tapped down Wei's second blocker, and Wei found himself on 1 life. With his blockers useless, and no way to recover, Wei conceded.

Dickmann 2 - Wei 1