Round 10 Feature Match: Paul Jackson vs. Patty Robertson

Posted in GRAND PRIX AUCKLAND 2015 on March 14, 2015

By Neale Talbot

Patty Robertson and Paul Jackson are old friends, having both grown up in the Perth Magic community. Robertson left Perth for Melbourne, but even so both players have recently vanquished the other at subsequent PTQs. As they shuffled up, the two chatted about the various decks they'd heard about from other players, trying to glean any little piece of information they could.

The two drew their first seven, with Jackson on the play. Robertson kept his hand, but Jackson pondered his cards.

"Its very powerful it seems." Patty said sarcastically. "The longer you wait, the more certain it's garbage."

"I'll mulligan." declared Jackson.

The two launched into a mirror match, both flipping over [autocard]Mystic of the Hidden Way[autocard], and the race between Jackson's Temur deck and Robertson's Sultai deck was underway.

Jackson summoned a Scaldkin, which Robertson matched with an [autocard]Archfiend of Depravity[autocard]. Robertson forced it away, attacked, then cast a [autocard]Whisperer of the Wilds[autocard]. Robertson took the opportunity to snag Jackson's last card with a Rakshasa's Secret, which turned out to be a Snowhorn Rider. Robertson then used his graveyard to delve away cards to cast a Sultai Scavenger.

Jackson played out a newly drawn Whirlwind Adept and continued to apply pressure with his [autocard]Mystic of the Hidden Way[autocard]. Robertson considered his options for a while. Finally, he attacked with his own Mystic, then replayed the [autocard]Archfiend of Depravity[autocard].

Patty Robertson considers his options.

Jackson picked up the top card of his library; a Will of the Naga. He confidently tapped down Robertson's two blockers and attacked for lethal.

Jackson 1 - Robertson 0

Jackson found himself on the wrong side of a mulligan, while Robertson kept his hand. However the big man was stranded on islands, and although his Jeskai Elder was doing good work filtering his deck, Robertson had yet to find another land type.

Robertson did, however, find morphs, perfect for someone in his situation, and he continued to create creatures. Jackson's only summon was a [autocard]Whisperer of the Wilds[autocard]; plenty of mana while seeming to be without action. But was a trap; Robertson pushed his two morphs into the red zone, only to have Jackson play an [autocard]Ethereal Ambush[autocard]. Stranded on three mana, Robertson flipped one of the morphs to reveal a [autocard]Mystic of the Hidden Way[autocard], in order to make it unblockable, but his second morph died in the ambush.

Jackson summoned a Snowhorn Rider and went on the offensive with the trampler and his manifest creature. Robertson continued attacking with his Mystic of the Hidden Way[autocard], using it to trigger Raid on a Skullhunter. The two traded life until Robertson look like he'd taken control of the battlefield with a Gurmag Angler. Robertson had other ideas, casting his [autocard]Will of the Naga to lock down Robertson’s blockers and crash in with a Snowhorn Rider and a Scaldkin.

Paul Jackson pushes into the red zone.

Robertson, facing a lethal attack next turn, drew into an [autocard]Archfiend of Depravity[autocard]. Perhaps the demonic entity would be able to save him.

Jackson drew, played a morph, then flipped it - a Jeering Instigator. He used it to steal Robertson's Archfiend of Depravity and Robertson scooped.

Jackson 2 - Robertson 0