Round 14 Feature Match: Maitland Cameron vs. Paul Jackson

Posted in GRAND PRIX AUCKLAND 2015 on March 15, 2015

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

First up, your context for this match: Maitland Cameron finished 3rd at the Australian National Champs in 2011, and finished 4th at GP Sydney last year. Paul Jackson won GP Sydney last year, and then finished 23rd at Pro Tour Fate Reforged, which was considerably higher than Cameron’s finish at the same tournament. Cameron would no doubt be looking to... wait, wait... while I was giving you context, Jackson stumbled on his mana and Cameron gave him a nasty Gurmag Angler’ing to take them to Game 2.

Cameron 1 – Jackson 0

With the gauntlet well and truly thrown down, Jackson retaliated by coming screaming out of the gates in Game 2, attacking Cameron while countering any defence he could mount with a Mindswipe and a Cancel. Cameron finally stabilised with a Gurmag Angler, but he was down to 4 life.

Jackson only had four land in play, a Manifest creature, and a Wetland Sambar. He played a Morph and passed back the turn.

Paul Jackson was looking for revenge for Game 1.

“Is it a Master of Pearls?” Cameron asked with a grin, “If it’s a Master of Pearls, you can tell me.” Jackson remained tight lipped. Cameron played a Morph of his own and motioned back to Jackson.

Jackson played his fifth land, but it wasn’t a second white source, eliciting a laugh from Cameron. “It is a Master, isn’t it? I’m sure it’s a Master!”

“It could be this one,” Jackson suggested, pointing to his Manifest creature. I’d love to say that wiped the smile off Cameron’s face, but if you knew him, you’d know it was a lie.

Behind his 5/5 Angler and 2/2 Morph, Cameron had a Dismal Backwater, two Forests and a Swamp untapped and two cards in hand.

Maitland Cameron has his back up against the wall, but is not dead yet.

Jackson attacked and Maitland blocked the Morph with his Angler, the Manifest with his Morph, and let the Sambar through. Jackson unmorphed an Efreet Weaponsmith and went for the kill by targeting the unblocked Sambar, but Cameron killed it in response with a Sultai Charm. Still alive, Cameron untapped and played a heavily discounted Treasure Cruise.

“Did you top-deck that?” Jackson asked.

“Not on your life,” Cameron grinned.

Jackson summoned a Sage of the Inward Eye, but Cameron replied with a Sandsteppe Mastodon, bolstering the Angler for 5. Cameron attacked Jackson down to 11. Jackson attacked back with his Sage and Cameron blocked with the Mastodon. Jackson accepted the trade by throwing a Bring Low into the mix, putting himself up to 14 to Cameron’s 4. Jackson could only follow up with a Leaping Master.

Cameron played a Sultai Soothsayer and took out the Master with a Grim Contest. Jackson tried again with another chump-blocker, but Cameron had a Throttle, and Jackson was soon taking 12 damage he didn’t have to give.

Maitland Cameron defeats Paul Jackson 2-0