Round 3 Feature Match: David Dang vs. Isaac Egan

Posted in GRAND PRIX AUCKLAND 2015 on March 14, 2015

By Neale Talbot

Isaac Egan, pillar of the Melbourne Magic community, with a Top 8 from GP Sydney 2010, 10th at Worlds 2010, and 18th at PT Gatecrash, sat across from well-known Sydney player, David Dang. The two had travelled to Auckland from Australia to battle it out in the final Khans/Fate Reforged sealed Grand Prix ever.

David won the roll and came out fighting with Mardu Hateblade into a pair of red Efreets, one Smouldering and one Bloodfire. Isaac attempted to stem the tide with a Soul Summons, but Honor's Reward on the Mardu Hateblade knocked the blocker out of contention.

Isaac Egan and David Dang

Isaac recovered a little life with a main phased Douse in Gloom on the Bloodfire Efreet, but a dashed Goblin Heelcutter on the following turn dropped Isaac perilously low.

"That's a good curve, bro." smiled Isaac, passing the turn with no play.

David re-summoned his dashing Goblin and Isaac quickly scooped it up.

Dang 1 - Egan 0

On the back foot, Egan went on the play in Game 2. He cast a Turn 2 Ainok Bond-Kin and proceeding to outlast it twice. In opposition, Dang built up his lands, summoning a Jeskai Student and a unknown morph.

The two seemed on even footing for a while, until Dang brought a Destructor Dragon, which he had sided into, onto the battlefield. Under pressure, Egan continued to pass, grimacing as Dang played out a Soulfire Grand Master.

Egan drew into an excellent response, a Destructor Dragon, but his reprieve was short lived as Dang returned the Dragon to the earth. Egan considered his trigger, pondering his opponent's mythic, but he finally decided to take out the morph, which turned out to be a Sidisi's Pet.

Dang's big green dragon continued to attack, followed up by a new Typhoid Rats.

Things looked grim for Egan. After considering his options, Isaac pushed his Ainok Bond-Kin into the red zone. Dang, well ahead, chose not to block. After attacks Egan exploded the battlefield with an End Hostilities, taking out both teams, but using his delve advantage to cast a Gurmag Angler on the same turn.

Dang never managed to recover from the board wipe and Egan took the match to a third game.

Dang 1 - Egan 1

Unbeknownst to Egan, Dang sided his green back out in order to rush over his opponent. Egan side-boarded little, found himself with a mulligan to 6.

Dang led off with a Mardu Hateblade and a Ainok Bond-Kin of his own, exactly on plan to outpace his opponent. Egan slowed Dang down with a Debilitating Injury and a Sandsteppe Outcast, which the Mardu Hateblade carved up thanks to a Feat of Resistance.

Egan continued to cast removal, using a second Debilitating Injury on the now 2/2 Hateblade. Dang responded by Dashing in a Mardu Scout, playing around Egan’s sorcery speed removal spells.

Egan continued to manage the trades until he could cast a Gurmag Angler, then using Harsh Sustenance on Dang’s Leaping Master, taking firm control of the battlefield.

Dang continued to try to apply pressure with a hasty Mardu Scout, but a Douse in Gloom on the Goblin put Egan further ahead.

“How many cards in hand?” Dang asked Egan.
“Three,” responded Egan, “All removal spells and the black dragon.”
“Oh, I know.” smiled Dang, passing the turn.

Egan proved he wasn’t bluffing by casting the Noxious Dragon and Dang, too far behind, scooped it up, revealing a land of four hands.

Dang 1 - Egan 2