Semifinals: Fabian Dickmann vs. Maitland Cameron

Posted in GRAND PRIX AUCKLAND 2015 on March 15, 2015

By Neale Talbot

Dickmann's aggressive deck had proved its ability to race in the Quarterfinals. The question was whether it was faster than Cameron's midrange deck's ability to stabilise. The German certainly had a challenge on his hands; Cameron had made 4th at GP Sydney in 2014, 3rd at Australian Nationals in 2011, and recently attend Worlds in San Francisco and Pro Tour Fate Reforged. Sure, Dickmann may have won GP Antwerp 2013, and made the finals of GP Bochum in 2012, but he was in Cameron’s neck of the woods now.

Dickmann wanted to apply pressure with an early Frost Walker, but Cameron's Archers' Parapet put a stop to that. Dickmann went on the warpath, using Pressure Point to tap Cameron's blocker. Cameron, however, carefully jammed up the battlefield with an Ainok Guide and an Armament Corps to make a couple of 4/4s. Cameron used a Grim Contest to finish off the Frost Walker and started on the offensive.

Dickmann cast an Alabaster Kirin. Cameron continued to punish his opponent with his two 4/4s. Dickmann found an Abzan Skycaptain and used it along with his sky-horse to double block the Armament Corps. Cameron chose to kill the Kirin, leaving Dickmann with a solo Skycaptain and no hope for tomorrow. At two life, the Archers' Parapet was more than enough to finish Dickmann off.

Cameron 1 - Dickmann 0

Maitland Cameron shuffles up.

The second game was an aggro deck's worst nightmare, as Cameron played blocker after blocker. A Typhoid Rats, a Disowned Ancestor, and a Rotting Mastodon all slowed Dickmann down.

The two traded resources for a while. Cameron summoned an Unyielding Krumar, but Dickmann cast Master the Way to kill it and draw a card. Cameron's summoned an Abzan Kin-Guard to stem the bleeding, but Dickmann had a Kill Shot for it. Cameron cast a Grim Contest, targeting his ever growing Disowned Ancestor and Dickmann's Alabaster Kirin.

Dickmann picked up Grim Contest to read it. "Looks like I lose that contest!"

"This is a Grim Contest pre-constructed deck." replied Cameron.

Dickmann played a morph. Cameron tried to Throttle it, but Dickmann flipped it to reveal a Monastery Flock.

"Nooo! So crushed!" joked Cameron.

Dickmann started rebuilding his board. He cast a Sandsteppe Outcast and several morphs, slowly whittling Cameron down in the Air. After Dickmann used a Smite the Monstrous to finally kill Cameron's 5/9 Disowned Ancestor, Cameron cast a Abzan Charm to dig deeper into his deck. He found what he needed - an End Hostilities.

Cameron wiped the board, then cast an Unyielding Krumar. It was joined by a second Krumar - a morphed Bond-Kin - and despite being slowed down by a Singing Bell Strike, Cameron took the game a turn before Dickmann could find his Pearl Lake Ancient.

Cameron 2 - Dickmann 0