2000 Grand Prix Buenos Aires Coverage

Hugo Araiza wins GP Buenos Aires! Surpassing American stars and Latin American hobbyists alike, it was the 27 year old from Mexico City to led the tourney the whole way, playing his Pandeburst deck to a 10-0 start before breezing through the finals.

Perhaps the even bigger story here was the performance of the Americans. Expecting themselves to dominate, not one US Native was able to crack the Top 8, with Mike Pustilnik and his Trix deck coming closest with a 9th place finish. Alex Shvartsman played for the Top 8 in the final round of the swiss, but even the King of the GP couldn't prevail, with his Hatred deck disappointing.

Held in downtown Buenos Aires' Centrol Cultural Borges, the tournament attracted 314 players which, considering that GP Florence was also happening this weekend, has to be considered a success. With players from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Mexico, the US and New Zealand, it featured an international field, and gave the South Americans the rare opportunity to experience big time tourney play.


 1.  Hugo Araiza $2,400
 2.  Walter Witt $1,700
 3.  Pablo Huerta $1,200
 4.  Rafael Le Saux $1,000
 5.  Diego Ostrovich $800
 6.  Jose Barbero $800
 7.  Emmanuel Duering $800
 8.  Matias Bollati $800


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