Posted in GRAND PRIX BALTIMORE 2015 - WELCOME on December 13, 2014

By Peter Rawlings

In the months since Khans of Tarkir's release players have taken a number of divergent approaches to building their sealed pools. In this multicolor-heavy format, some look first to their lands, to see what array of colors or potential splashes their pool will allow. Some look to their rares, to see what bombs might enable them to break through a board stall or go over the top of opposing defenders. Some look to see which color is deepest, prioritizing a sleek curve and consistent mana base to quickly bring the fight to their opponent.

The below pool consists of six Khans of Tarkir booster packs, just like those being opened across the event hall at Day 1 of Grand Prix Baltimore, where players will bring the strategies they've honed over months of Khans limited to bear. Each pool presents deck builders with any number of unique combinations of cards and this pool is no different.

Do you prioritize your strong Sultai morphs, though the lands might be lacking? Do you go down the Trail of Mystery? Or do you follow the path carved out by your nonbasic lands and play some combination of white, green and red? Build it yourself, ask a friend, and see how your approach compares to the pros'.

2 Blossoming Sands
1 Dismal Backwater
1 Mystic Monastery
3 Rugged Highlands
1 Tomb of the Spirit Dragon
5 Abomination of Gudul
1 Highspire Mantis
1 Icefeather Aven
1 Jeskai Charm
1 Mardu Roughrider
1 Master the Way
1 Ponyback Brigade
1 Rakshasa Vizier
1 Sagu Mauler
1 Warden of the Eye
1 Bitter Revelation
1 Kheru Dreadmaw
3 Molting Snakeskin
1 Retribution of the Ancients
1 Sidisi's Pet
1 Sultai Scavenger
1 Throttle
1 Crippling Chill
1 Force Away
1 Mystic of the Hidden Way
1 Quiet Contemplation
1 Riverwheel Aerialists
1 Scaldkin
2 Singing Bell Strike
1 Taigam's Scheming
1 Weave Fate
1 Wetland Sambar
1 Arc Lightning
1 Arrow Storm
1 Barrage of Boulders
1 Bloodfire Expert
1 Bloodfire Mentor
3 Bring Low
1 Canyon Lurkers
1 Mardu Heart-Piercer
1 Monastery Swiftspear
1 Summit Prowler
1 Swift Kick
1 Valley Dasher
2 Awaken the Bear
1 Dragonscale Boon
1 Hooting Mandrills
1 Incremental Growth
1 Naturalize
1 Pine Walker
1 Roar of Challenge
1 Sagu Archer
1 Trail of Mystery
2 Woolly Loxodon
1 Abzan Falconer
1 Ainok Bond-Kin
1 Alabaster Kirin
1 Erase
1 Firehoof Cavalry
3 Jeskai Student
1 Sage-Eye Harrier
1 Salt Road Patrol
1 Smite the Monstrous
1 Suspension Field
1 Master of Pearls
1 Ghostfire Blade
1 Temur Banner
1 Witness of the Ages