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Posted in Event Coverage on April 17, 2016

By Frank Karsten

Later in the day, you'll get to see the Top 8 player profiles. In the meantime, check out the cosplayer profiles! A lot of people want to transform into Magic champions, a few transform into Magic characters ...

After all, there is more to a Grand Prix than just the main event. There are artists; there are casual events; there are card shop booths ... And in recent years, we are seeing more and more cosplayers at Magic events as well. For the uninitiated, cosplay is short for costume play, and it is a fun performance act where people dress up as their favorite characters. Since Magic has a pantheon of memorable, well-drawn characters, it is ripe for cosplay as a creative outlet.

Name: Elise Fourmy (Garruk Wildspeaker). My cosplay name is Manju.

Hometown: Toulouse, France

Social media: Manju's Adventures. I made it a few weeks ago; it's mostly about cosplay and non-cosplay photo shooting.

When did you start doing cosplay and how did you get into that?

I started doing cosplay seriously for video game companies two-and-a-half years ago. Before, it was casually for conventions and photo shoots. I love dress-up so I think it was normal for me to do cosplay one day.

What's your favorite character?

It's difficult to say. Anyone who's got the motivation to fulfill his/her dreams has my respect.

How did you make your costume?

The Garruk costume was made with leather and Worbla (and cardboard). It took around 20 hours to make. But my other cosplay costumes are made with various other materials, like liquid latex for example.

Do you have any tips for aspiring cosplayers?

Cosplay what you want to cosplay, and have fun. Do not hesitate to ask other cosplayers for help if you find something difficult. There are also a lot of tutorials on the internet to help you. A sewing machine is really useful, but some cosplayers do wonderful things without using it, by using glue for example.

Name: Nadine Grendelmeier (Liliana Vess)

Hometown: Zizers, Switzerland

Social media: I have a Facebook page, Nissa cosplay. I just post some progress photos of my cosplays there and some convention photos. I don't have Twitter yet, but I think I'll make one under the same name soon

When did you start doing cosplay and how did you get into that?

About a year ago when the first bigger convention in Switzerland got announced. I just got into Magic about then and really wanted to cosplay Nissa, Worldwaker for the cosplay-contest.

What's your favorite character?

That's a difficult question; I like so many. I like a lot of angels by Jason Chan (that's why I cosplay Gisela, Blade of Goldnight) but I guess my favorite would be Nissa Revane.

How did you make your costume?

I did everything myself. For the armor and weapon parts, I used a moldable thermoplastic called Worbla. The rest is all black magic, necromancy, and virgin sacrifices ... the usual. (Just joking ... sewing machines are part of it too.)

Do you have any tips for aspiring cosplayers?

There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that are really helpful if you have no idea but want to get started on something. That's how I learned to do the stuff I do. Or just message other cosplayers. (Or me, I'm happy to help wherever I can!)

Name: Anni Nguyen (Thalia, Guardian of Thraben)

Hometown: Zurich, Switzerland

Social media: Annything Cosplay on Facebook, AnnyCosplay on Twitter, Annything_Cosplay on Instagram

When did you start doing cosplay and how did you get into that?

My first convention was on the 26th of October, 2014 on my 24th birthday. My friends from Mimikei Cosplay convinced me to do a group cosplay with them.

What's your favorite character?

I like all of my costumes, but Narset Transcendent is my favorite because Magali Villeneuve is one of my favorite artists. Narset was also my first cosplay with Worbla.

How did you make your costume?

I prefer to sew my costumes but I also use Worbla for the armor parts. I also style my wigs and do some hand sewing or embroidery for wigs and do some hand sewing or embroidery for the details. You can check my work in progress on my social media.

Do you have any tips for aspiring cosplayers?

Watch Kamui's cosplay videos on YouTube, maybe buy some books, and ask other cosplayers for advice.

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