Quick Question: Overrated Card?

Posted in Event Coverage on April 16, 2016

By Frank Karsten and Tobi Henke

Players have only just begun to explore the world of Shadows over Innistrad Limited, but already some impressions had to be revised. We asked some of the pro players in attendance at Grand Prix Barcelona this weekend for cards which they initially overrated.

No. 8 Sam Black:
Let's say … Jace, Unraveler of Secrets. Card advantage is relatively cheap in this format because of the abundance of Clues.

Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch semifinalist Patrick Dickmann:
I overrated most of the cards with delirium. It's hard enough to reach delirium that spending any extra mana for the bonus is often not worth it. For instance, today I registered a deck with Angel of Deliverance, which I probably shouldn't be running at all. A 6/6 flier for 7 mana would likely be better.

Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch quarterfinalist Pascal Maynard:
Uninvited Geist. I thought it would be great, but skulk doesn't do anything on a 2-power creature. It's hard to get it to transform into Unimpeded Trespasser. Uninvited Geist is still decent in blue-red where you have enough removal spells to help it connect at least once, but otherwise it's not a good card.

Hall of Famer Luis Scott-Vargas:
Murderous Compulsion. There are aggressive decks that don't actually want it, so it's not the auto-include that it might seem.

Two-time World Champion Shahar Shenhar:
Just the Wind. Blue is pretty bad, and this is not a format with monstrosity or 8/9 creatures that you need to get out of the way. The format is more about card advantage, and bounce cards are not card advantage. It could even backfire if you give your opponent a card for discard or looting effects!

Gold-level pro (missing four points to lock Platinum) Oliver Polak-Rottmann:
Briarbridge Patrol looked great. And it's a fine card in Sealed or in a green-blue draft deck, I guess. Getting a clue off Rabid Bite is a nice touch too. But otherwise, it's been a real disappointment, mostly because it doesn't fit a lot of decks. Rather cute than good.

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