The First Draft's Top 3-0 Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on April 17, 2016

By Tobi Henke

At Limited Grand Prix in the past, we had sometimes collected and posted all the 3-0 players' decklists from the first draft of the day, especially when a format was brand new. But since Grand Prix events nowadays have everyone with 6-3 qualify for Day 2 (this time 636 players) and no longer make a cut at 7-2 (would have reduced that number to 255), that proved quite a challenge.

(5) Martin Müller was 3-0 in matches, 4-0 in Ulvenwald Mysteries

My colleague Frank Karsten and I discussed the feasibility of typing up 80 or more decklists ("The data! Think of all the data!") but ultimately saw reason and decided against it. Instead, we figured that the draft results of the people who went 6-3 yesterday were of less interest anyway, and excluded them.

This still leaves us with 28 decklists, recorded here for posterity. Note that not all pods yielded a 3-0 decklist, because the same pod could include players with different numbers of points, while pairings within a pod were still based on overall tournament record.

Ferran Vila, 3-0 in Draft Pod 1

Fabrizio Anteri, 3-0 in Draft Pod 2

Viktors Kazanskis, 3-0 in Draft Pod 3

Reid Duke, 3-0 in Draft Pod 5

Denny Weinhardt, 3-0 in Draft Pod 6

Guilherme Merjam, 3-0 in Draft Pod 7

Jonas Friberg, 3-0 in Draft Pod 8

Maxime Gauthier, 3-0 in Draft Pod 9

Lluis Olivella, 3-0 in Draft Pod 10

Love Rask, 3-0 in Draft Pod 11

Lukas Blohon, 3-0 in Draft Pod 12

Adrian Sullivan, 3-0 in Draft Pod 13

Marciano Giancarlo, 3-0 in Draft Pod 14

Francesco Giorgio, 3-0 in Draft Pod 15

Martin Müller, 3-0 in Draft Pod 16