Grand Prix Trial Winning Decklists of Grand Prix Beijing 2017

Posted in Event Coverage on May 6, 2017

By Chapman Sim

A great way to earn a couple of byes is to win them at a Grand Prix Trial! A total of 19 players won their respective trials yesterday. 17 of them displayed mastery in Amonkhet Limited while 2 others won with freshly-updated Standard decks, Mardu Vehicles and White-Blue Spirits!

Given that this weekend is all about Amonkhet, let's take a look at the winning decklists!

Tomohiro Kaji's Black-Red

Ju Shuang's White-Green

Shi Jiulong's Blue-Black-Green

Pan Guorong's Black-Red

Chen Qu's Black-Red-Green

Wang Xuan Yu's White-Green

Zhang Hongtao's White-Black

Yue He's Blue-Black

Kondo Hirotsugu's Blue-Green

Li Jun's White-Black-Green

Xu Chenyang's Black-Green

Sergey Efimov's Blue-Black-Green

Han Bing's White-Green

Tasutomo Oomoro's White-Green