Awesomeness, On A Scale of 1 - 10

Posted in GRAND PRIX BEIJING 2015 on October 24, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Team Limited is not just about the cards. It's far from that. Winning might be important, but it's also a great time to celebrate the very special bond between three people.

It's also a great time to goof around, enjoy each other's company and have a hell of a weekend! Here are five of the most awesome team shots we've assembled thus far!

#5: Unsung Heroes

Shintaro Ishimura, Kazuyuki Takimura, and Yoshihiko Ikawa

All three players have made it through to the Sunday stage at the Pro Tour (each have exactly one, as a matter of fact), one of the very few teams in the entire tournament to have this statistic.

Yoshihiko Ikawa's stint was during Pro Tour San Diego 2010 where Simon Görtzen was crowned Champion, while Shintaro Ishimura made the Top 8 at Pro Tour Paris 2011, an event which Ben Stark won. An even lesser-known fact is that he goes by the alias of "rizer" on Magic Online, and has won the MOCS twice, once in 2010 and another time in 2014.

Most notably, Kazuyuki Takimura's the guy to watch out for, considering that he just won Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar! He has to know a thing or two about the secrets of this block!

Awesomeness Level: 6/10

#4: Why So Serious?

Kato Kazuki, Shota Yasooka, and Teruya Kakumae

Both Kato Kazuki and last season's Grand Prix Master frontrunner Teruya Kakumae have each won two Grand Prix, while Shota Yasooka has only won one.

Gasp! Does this make the newly elected Hall of Famer the worst player on the team? Of course not.

One thing's for sure though. Judging from their mean looks and death stares, they mean business and they're here to steal the show.

Awesomeness Level: 7/10

#3: Kamehameha!

Tomoharu Saito, Kenji Tsumuran, and Yuta Takahashi

It's a Dragon Ball reference, but is anyone familiar with Goku's signature energy attack, the Kamehameha?

"Wait, I've heard of this technique. Right now he's gathering all of the latent energy in his body, then he's going to release it all at once, but I've… I've never seen it in action before."

The Hareruya Pros certainly are, and are doing a lovable impression. Currently sitting at the perfect 7-0 record, they're more than secured their spot in Day 2 and are now playing against Craig Wescoe, Mike Hron and Rich Hoaen to remain the sole undefeated team.

They're fully aware that they've already begun to play for the Top 8. At 11, they've got the most Pro Tour Top 8s combined, eking out the next two teams by one, and their team spirit is "over 9000"!

Awesomeness Level: 7.5/10

#2: That Smile!

Tomohiro Kaji, Martin Jůza, and Shuhei Nakamura

Probably the most prolific team this weekend in terms of Magic achievements, they're also on a mission codenamed: Operation Kaji). Ten Pro Tour Top 8s and over 50 Grand Prix Top 8s are not the coolest thing about the trio. An additional reason why they're second on this list is because of the bonus points for Kaji's cheeky smile!

Awesomeness Level: 8/10

#1: Lighting It Up

Yuuya Watanabe, Makihito Mihara, and Yuuki Ichikawa

As many combined Pro Tour Top 8s as the previous team, but "only" two-thirds as many Grand Prix Top 8s. Then again, in a contest comparing Grand Prix Top 8s, you'll likely lose against Martin Jůza and Shuhei Nakamura, even if you have Yuuya Watanabe on your team.

Relatively-graceful Hall of Famer Makihito Mihara chooses to simply smile for the camera, while the other Yuuya Watanabe and Yuuki Ichikawa light up the room with their undying enthusiasm and passion for the game with accompanying electrifying smirks.

Not sure if creepy.

Are they winning though?

Sitting at 5-2, they might be in danger of failing to make the Day 2 cut, but they've certainly won this little contest for being downright awesome!

Awesomeness Level: 9/10