Decklists: 9th-32nd

Posted in Event Coverage on August 13, 2017

By Tobi Henke

The Top 8 showcased eight different archetypes. The next 24 players in the standings couldn't quite keep up with such variety, but still added a number of interesting builds to the mix, including Dredge, Storm, Eldrazi Tron, Ad Nauseam, Affinity, Esper Death's Shadow, Kiki Chord, and Faeries.

Guillaume Perbet's Dredge, 9th

Pedro Carvalho's Storm, 10th

Alex Hottmann's Eldrazi Tron, 11th

Hylco Worm's Ad Nauseam, 12th

Samuel Marti's Dredge, 13th

Davide Canonico's Abzan Midrange, 14th

Eliott Boussaud's Abzan Midrange, 15th

Carlos Moral's Grixis Death's Shadow, 16th

Toni Ramis Pascual's Counters Company, 17th

Laurent Calligaro's Titan Shift, 18th

Asger Thorsboe Lundblad's Living End, 19th

Gints Dreimanis's Affinity, 20th

Michel Kohn's Esper Death's Shadow, 21st