9th-32nd Decklists of Grand Prix Birmingham 2018 (Standard)

Posted in Event Coverage on May 13, 2018

By Tobi Henke

Looking at this brand new Standard format, we thought people might appreciate some additional data points, beyond all these Black-Red Vehicles. So we decided to get you the full Top 32 decklists. Enjoy!

Rob Catton's White-Blue Control, 9th

Petr Sochůrek's Black-Red Vehicles, 10th

Davide Cappiello's Black-Red Vehicles, 11th

Raul Vallejo's Steel Leaf Stompy, 12th

Paulo Hora's Mono-Red Aggro, 13th

Chris Vincent's White-Black Vehicles, 14th

Márcio Carvalho's Black-Red Vehicles, 15th

Craig Barnes's Black-Red Vehicles, 16th

Arnaud Hocquemiller's Black-Red, 17th

Anand Khare's Black-Red Vehicles, 18th

Alan Simon Martin's Black-Green Constrictor, 19th

David Calf's Black-Red Vehicles, 20th

James Gurney's White-Blue Control, 21st

Sascha Schwarz's Grixis Chainwhirler, 22nd

Krzysztof Marek's Black-Red Vehicles, 23rd