Day 1 Top 100 Deck Archetype Breakdown

Posted in GRAND PRIX BOLOGNA 2016 on March 6, 2016

By Frank Karsten

Almost 700 players made it into the second day of competition here in Bologna, but to give you a timely metagame breakdown of the very top of the standings after Day 1, we focused on the deck choices of the players in the Top 100 of the standings after Round 9. Most of them had 22 or more points (i.e., a 7-1-1 record) but the Top 100 also included several players with 21 points (i.e., a 7-2 record) and good tiebreakers.

Let's get to the numbers!

Archetype Number of players
W/U Eldrazi 26
R/G Eldrazi 11
Abzan Company 10
Affinity 9
W/U Control 9
Living End 7
Bring to Light Scapeshift 4
Abzan Chord 3
Elves 2
Lantern Control 2
Merfolk 2
Naya Burn 2
Urzatron 2
8-Rack 1
Abzan Midrange 1
Ascendancy Ascension 1
Bant Company 1
G/U Eldrazi 1
G/W Eldrazi 1
Goryo's Vengeance 1
G/U Infect 1

A few clarifying notes on deck names and deck composition are in order:

Before we go, there is one final question to answer: How popular was Eldrazi as a whole?

Well, if we add up all the different Eldrazi variants, then the Top-100 decks after Day 1 were comprised of 39% Eldrazi and 61% non-Eldrazi. It cannot be denied—at least at the start of Day 2, the Eldrazi are dominating.

We'll see at the end of the day whether this trend continues or if the "resistance," heralded mainly by a group of players relying on Living End or Supreme Verdict to sweep the monstrous Eldrazi, can claw back and exterminate the tentacled menace.