Finals: Alberto Mattioli (W/U Eldrazi) vs. Kayure Patel (W/U Eldrazi)

Posted in Event Coverage on March 6, 2016

By Frank Karsten

The big question on everyone's mind coming into this event was whether the Eldrazi villain could be defeated. Many players tried, and the Top 8 featured such hate cards as Ensnaring Bridge, Living End, and Intrepid Hero. But despite the hate, the Eldrazi still prevailed, and the finals was a mirror match between two blue-white variants—the version that emerged after Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch to beat other Eldrazi decks by blinking their Endless Ones with Eldrazi Displacer and by winning damage races with Drowner of Hope.

The players in the final match were Kayure Patel, who you might recognize as a member of England's World Magic Cup team in 2015, and Alberto Mattioli, an Italian player who was also in his first Grand Prix Top 8.

Game 1

Both players found a hand with the all-important Eye of Ugin, and the two-mana land rapidly powered out a second-turn Eldrazi Displacer for Mattioli and an Eldrazi Skyspawner for Patel.

Alberto Mattioli faces an onslaught of bigger and more numerous Eldrazi creatures

Several turns later, Patel found himself in the better board position, with 2 Thought-Knot Seer, 2 Eldrazi Skyspawner, 2 Eldrazi Scions, a 3/3 Endless One, and an Eldrazi Mimic (all cast in rapid succession off of just Eye of Ugin, Adarkar Wastes, and Hallowed Fountain) against Mattioli's Eldrazi Skyspawner, Eldrazi Displacer, and Thought-Knot Seer.

A Drowner of Hope for Mattioli temporarily got him back into the game, but Patel drew two Reality Smashers in a row, turned his 5/5s sideways, and attacked for lethal shortly after.

Alberto Mattioli 0 - Kayure Patel 1

Game 2

Mattioli kept his opening hand, which lacked a two-mana land but did contain Dismember and Path to Exile. Patel, on the other side of the table, had the dream start of Eldrazi Temple and Eye of Ugin into a second-turn Thought-Knot Seer.

In response to its enters-the-battlefield trigger, Mattioli Dismembered the 4/4, but Patel still got to exile a card from Mattioli's hand. Facing an opposing board of only Adarkar Wastes and Flooded Strand, Patel could choose between 2 Reality Smasher, Oblivion Sower, Thought-Knot Seer, Eldrazi Displacer, and Path to Exile.

The second game featured a potentially important Thought-Knot Seer choice for Patel

After some deliberation, he exiled Thought-Knot Seer, arguably Mattioli 's most impactful card if he would manage to draw more lands in the short term.

But Mattioli didn't. And then missed once more. At some point, he even had to discard to hand size.

In the meantime, Patel had added Spellskite, Eldrazi Mimic, and Eldrazi Displacer to his board. The utility creatures gave him an opportunity to showcase his knowledge of the stack: When Mattioli cast Path to Exile on Eldrazi Displacer, Patel redirected the instant to his Spellskite and subsequently blinked it with Eldrazi Displacer. As a result, he lost none of his creatures.

Several turns later, Mattioli still hadn't found a land, and Patel attacked to win the game, match, and tournament.

Alberto Mattioli 0 - Kayure Patel 2

Kayure Patel is your Grand Prix Bologna 2016 champion!

Kayure Patel celebrates with his team

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