Grand Prix Bologna's 9-0 Decklists

Posted in GRAND PRIX BOLOGNA 2016 on March 6, 2016

By Tobi Henke

In a field of 2,181, eight players managed to end Day 1 on a perfect record of 9-0. Five of them did so with Eldrazi, in one form or shape or another. Unexpectedly, White-Blue Eldrazi didn't end up as the top performer here. Instead this glory belonged to Red-Green Eldrazi. Green's Ancient Stirrings apparently was a big incentive here, as also evidenced by Wouter Noordzij's green-white version. Rounding out the overnight Top 8 were Storm, Living End, and Lantern Control.

Wouter Noordzij: Green-White Eldrazi

Mattia Oneto: White-Blue Eldrazi

Jose Luis Velazquez: Storm

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Pozo: Lantern Control

Mattia Rizzi: Red-Green Eldrazi

Giuseppe Reale: Living End

Diony Idelfonso: Red-Green Eldrazi

Alex Mortimer: Red-Green Eldrazi

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