Metagame of the Sixteen

Posted in GRAND PRIX BOLOGNA 2016 on March 5, 2016

By Frank Karsten

With over 2,000 players in the room, there's no chance we could tell you about the whole of the Day 1 metagame. Something we can tell you about, however, is the deck choices of a select group of 16 players with two or three byes that we chose to shine a spotlight on:

  • (12) Fabrizio Anteri
  • Lukas Blohon
  • Marcio Carvalho
  • Marco Cammilluzzi
  • Pierre Dagen
  • Robin Dolar
  • (20) Martin Dang
  • Patrick Dickmann
  • Immanuel Gerschenson
  • Martin Jůza
  • Magnus Lantto
  • (17) Joel Larsson
  • Raphaël Lévy
  • Andrea Mengucci
  • (8) Martin Müller
  • Oliver Polak-Rottmann

Here's the archetype breakdown of what this group of Hall of Famers, Gold or Platinum pros, Modern Pro Tour Top 8 collectors, and World Magic Cup winners are playing:

Deck #
U/W Eldrazi 6
Abzan Company 4
R/G Eldrazi 2
Living End 1
Bant Company 1
Bogles 1
Infect 1

So if the choices of these 16 veterans are any indication, there are two best decks: White-Blue Eldrazi and Abzan Company. But one is still on top. As Raphaël Lévy told me: "When the best deck plays Rest in Peace in the sideboard, and the second-best deck relies on creatures like Kitchen Finks and Eternal Witness, you need a very good reason to not play the best deck."

But beyond the Eldrazi decks and Abzan Company, there are plenty of interesting one-of choices as well. Players are standing up to the Eldrazi villain by playing sweepers like Living End, by copying them with Phantasmal Image, by making even more gigantic creatures with Daybreak Coronet, or by pushing little infectors through with Distortion Strike. The hopes of beating Eldrazi are still alive.

Tune in later this weekend, when we have more detailed overviews for you!