Semifinals: Giuseppe Reale (Living End) vs. Kayure Patel (W/U Eldrazi)

Posted in Event Coverage on March 6, 2016

By Tobi Henke

In this semifinal, first-time Top 8 competitor Kayure Patel met Italy's own Giuseppe Reale, who had once before made it to the Top 8 of a Grand Prix, ages ago when Rochester Draft was still a format. What's Rochester Draft? Exactly.

Kayure Patel

Patel was playing White-Blue Eldrazi, the same deck which already put two copies into the finals of Grand Prix Melbourne earlier in the day. Meanwhile, Reale had brought Living End, one of the supposed foils to the Eldrazi strategy.

And in the first game, Reale's deck really showcased its strength in the matchup. He cycled some creatures, destroyed a land with Fulminator Mage, then cascaded into Living End. End result: Reale was left with a serious offense, while Patel's board was reduced to but one land.

Giuseppe Reale

However, now the sideboards became involved. Meaning: Patel now had access to Rest in Peace and Stubborn Denial, which both counter Living End in their own way.

And indeed, the postboard game was beginning to look quite interesting, with Patel about to cast Rest in Peace on turn four and Reale having an answer in Beast Within, though still losing his graveyard. But something unfortunate happened before things played out that way.

I'll hand the keyboard over to head judge Alfonso Bueno for further explanation:

"The standard procedure during the Top 8 of a Constructed Grand Prix is showing to each player their opponent's decklists before the start of the game. Then those decklists are hidden from the players and they are not allowed to access them until the game ends. During a game of the semifinals of Grand Prix Bologna, Giuseppe Reale took the face-down decklist of his opponent to read it. Referring to outside notes during the game is strictly forbidden by the rules and penalized with a Match Loss. The reason for this penalty is that tournaments test the skill of a player, and therefore it's not allowed to access external information."

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