By Ben Swartz

Many say that in Modern the best deck to play is the one that you are most familiar with. No. 19 Ranked Player Jacob Wilson has done just that. Having played getting second at Pro Tour Born of the Gods with Melira Pod, it comes as no surprise that 19th ranked player sleeved up the same this weekend in Worcester.

A local player from New York City, Andrew Boswell has recently burst on the competitive scene with his first Pro Tour appearance in Dublin. Despite Deathrite Shaman being banned, Boswell opted to stick with his guns and play Jund this weekend. While other players have had success branching out to different colors to go with a base of black and green, Boswell stuck with Red. With such heavy hitters as Dark Confidant, Grim Lavamancer, Tarmogoyf, and Liliana of the Veil, Boswell has been grinding away opponent after opponent all weekend.

The Games

Boswell started things off strong with an Inquisition of Kozilek and a Thoughtseize. This stripped Wilson's hand of Kitchen Finks and Birthing Pod, leaving him with a pair of Birds of Paradise, an Orzhov Pontiff, and an Abrupt Decay. Boswell followed that up with a Grim Lavamancer.

Wilson, without much action, cast his Pontiff to rid the board of the Lavamancer. While Boswell remained on two lands, Wilson drew a Kitchen Finks, cast it, and attacked Boswell down to 13.

Boswell attempted to claw back into the game with a Dark Confidant, but Wilson used his Abrupt Decay to take it out. Boswell continued to miss land drops and Wilson drew a Birthing Pod, allowing him to trade his Orzhov Pontiff in for a Ranger of Eos.

Without another land or any answers to Wilson's army, Boswell went to shuffle up for Game 2.

Jacob Wilson 1 - 0 Andrew Boswell

Jacob Wilson

Wilson started things off with a pair of Voice of resurgences. One of them bit the dust thanks to a Magma Spray, while the other was locked down thanks to a Tarmogoyf from Boswell

Olivia Voldaren came down on Boswell's fourth turn; all Wilson could muster up was a third Voice of Resurgence. Boswell continued with Jund's heavy hitters, playing Liliana of the Veil and Grim Lavamancer.

When Wilson attacked Liliana on the following turn, Boswell blocked a Voice of Resurgence with his Tarmogoyf. This allowed Wilson to finally use the Eternal Witness that had been in his hand since the beginning of the game to reclaim the Elemental.

Boswell used Lavamancer to take out the newly minted Voice, used Maelstrom Pulse to take out the two Elemental Tokens, and attacked with Olivia to Put Wilson down to 8 life.

"I think you're dead next turn," Boswell quipped. He was right; as Olivia machine-gunned down Wilson's board, the players started shuffling for Game 3.

Jacob Wilson 1 - 1 Andrew Boswell

Andrew Boswell

Wilson tried to get things started with a Noble Hierarch and a Voice of Resurgence, but Boswell took the creatures out with a Lightning Bolt and Magma Spray. While Wilson was a little light on things to cast, Boswell was once again stuck on two lands. Luckily for Boswell, he had Dark Confidant and Tarmogoyf that he could cast forcing Wilson to use Dismember on the former and Shirekmaw on the latter.

Boswell bounced back with a second Tarmogoyf and a Liliana of the Veil and promptly removed the Shirekmaw.

Luckily for Wilson, a Ranger of Eos was sitting on the top of his deck. He used it to search up Birds of Paradise and Viscera Seer giving him an instant army.

Unfortunately for Wilson, Boswell's hand was filled with removal. Boswell cleared Wilson's board leaving him with only a freshly drawn Sin Collector

Boswell then drew an Olivia Voldaren. On his following turn he used it to gun down the last of Wilson's creatures and grow it to become large enough to seal the deal.

Andrew Boswell defeats Jacob Wilson 2-1