Just as Rodney Harrison plucked a first-quarter pass to stop a Philadelphia touchdown, Masashi Oiso pulled an amazing win out of what looked like a imminent defeat. With Lucas Glavin's deck promising a huge Sutured Ghoul, the theatrical Japanese walked the huge American into a trap.

It was a dramatic end to a Extended Grand Prix that did little to help solve the riddle of the Qualifying season. It's doubtful anyone left this room with any decent idea of what to play, and what to expect from events this season. There are a lot of cool new decks -- check Glavin's, Dempsey's or McLaughlin's just in the Top 8 -- but no clear "deck to beat."

The Grand Prix was clearly marked by that and the Japanese Road Trip. Are the big names in Asia about to flex their muscle all over the world? Or did they just come to see the Super Bowl? Congratulations to Masashi Oiso for his brilliant win and please don't be too harsh on Lucas Glavin. Playing in a premier event Top 8 is never easy. Just ask Brian "No Blocks" Davis.

Congratulations to Masashi Oiso -- the 2005 Pro Tour Boston champion!

top 8 bracket


(1) Osyp Lebedowicz

(8) Lucas Glavin

(4) Benjamin Dempsey

(5) Anthony Impellizzieri

(2) Masahiko Morita

(7) Masashi Oiso

(3) Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz

(6) Keith McLaughlin


Lucas Glavin, 2-0

Benjamin Dempsey, 2-0

Masashi Oiso, 2-0

Keith McLaughlin, 2-0


Lucas Glavin, 2-1

Masashi Oiso, 2-0


Masashi Oiso, 2-1



1. Masashi Oiso $2,400
2. Lucas Glavin $1,700
3. Keith McLaughlin $1,200
4. Benjamin Dempsey $1,000
5. Osyp Lebedowicz $800
6. Masahiko Morita $800
7. Anthony Impellizzieri $800
8. Daniel O'Mahoney-Schwartz $800

pairings, results, standings


15 14 13 12 11 10

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


15 14 13 12 11 10

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


15 14 13 12 11 10

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1


Scott M. Fischer has created some of Magic's most stunning.

The artist on site today is a veteran of premier event signing. I clearly remember him doing his trademark "fish" signature in Europe more than once. He has a few cards in the Kamigawa block (Time Stop and Meloku the Clouded Mirror) so players should have some news one to sign.

Here's a quick list of some of Fischer's cards you might have come accross in Constructed matches.

Ancient Hydra
Balancing Act
Burning Wish
Careful Study
Coat of Arms (Eight Edition)
Goblin Welder
Incinerate (Fifth Edition)
Mother of Runes
Phyrexian Scuta
Pristine Angel
Rampant Growth
Rebel Informer
Rising Water
Shivan Wurm
Sickening Dreams
Solitary Confinement
Sylvan Scrying
Viridian Shaman

Saturday, Feb. 5: 3:34 pm - The Three Bye Metagame

That's a lot of decklists.

While most players are out there slugging it out on the third round, sixty lucky players are kicking it back at the hotel or in the side events area. Their three free wins will sure come in handy on a nine-round day like today. So I took a deep breath and went through the huge decklist folder looking for their decklists.

Here's the the archetype breakdown for those players, apart from three lists that I couldn't seem to find. I clumped together some decks that might be a bit different (let's say Goblins with Black and straight-Red Goblins or Scepter-Chant and Scepter-Chant with Black).

Affinity: 3
Aluren: 2
Black-White: 1
Scepter-Chant: 2
Confinement: 2
Desire: 10
Dump Truck: 1
Elves: 1
Enchantress: 3
Goblins: 6
Life: 4
RDW: 9
Reanimator: 3
Rock: 5
UG: 3
WWu: 1
Welder-Reanimator: 1

More on that Welder-Reanimator deck later.

Saturday, Feb. 5: 9:23 pm - Gabe Walls, the Matchmaker

Gabe Walls and his creation.

Probably the most unusual decklist I saw so far certainly belongs to Gabe Walls. The veteran Pro Tour player took a page from a Columbus PTQ and brought mix of Welder.dec and... Reanimator.dec. First he uses Careful Study and Intuition to get the a huge monster into his graveyard and then Reanimate, Goblin Welder or Exhume bring in them to the playing area.

This plan allows him to bring in Sundering TitanPlatinum Angel or Bosh, Iron Golem. With the Welder he can keep things going... and if he starts recurring Mindslaver... you probably just want to scoop and save yourself any further beatings.

Instant (6)
4 Vampiric Tutor 2 Intuition
Artifact (4)
3 Mox Diamond 1 Mindslaver
Other (3)
3 Seat of Synod
59 Cards

Saturday, Feb. 5: 11:55 pm - The Undefeated Decks

Four players survived the first day with no losses. One of them - Osyp Lebedowicz - swept the nine rounds. He leads the field with 27 points. Here are the four undefeated decklists:

Ty Dobbertin


Vincent Chow


Kenji Tsumura


Osyp Lebedowicz

Sideboard (15)
1 Snap 1 Intuition 3 Brain Freeze 2 Turnabout 2 Echoing Truth 1 Rebuild 1 Prismatic Strand 1 Meditate 1 Stroke of Genius 1 Stiffle 1 Mana Leak

Saturday, Feb. 5: 11:59 pm - Judging Staff

Here they are, the few, the proud, the clearly insane. The "zebras" who held the tournament together during this first day, led by the Head Judge Bruno Barracosa. The scorekeeper is Reid Schmadeka, still alive after a full day of entering results.

The wonderful judging staff!

Bruno Barracosa - Head Judge
Scott Marshall
Toby Elliott
Eric Shukan
Suzy Life
James Searles
Ian Taylor
Michael Canu
Jeremy Smith
Evan Blake
Benjamin Klein
Gavin Duggan
Peter Cooper
Joe Davis
Martha Lufkin
James Benjamen
Nick Sabin
Greg Schwartz
Chris Dawns
Matt Stone
Justin Miso

Sunday, Feb. 6: 11:28 am - Day Two Metagame

Here's the metagame for the second day:

Goblins - 10
Life - 9
Desire - 7
Reanimator - 5
Aluren - 4
Scepter Chant - 4
Red Deck Wins - 4
UG - 4
Welder Reanimator - 3
Opposition - 3
Welder Control - 2
Affinity - 2
Rock - 2
Enchantress - 1
Blue-Red - 1
Green-Black-Red - 1
Braids - 1
UW Prison - 1
WW - 1

Sunday, Feb. 6: 11:37 am - Metagame Decks

While I was going through the Top 64 decklists to give you a metagame breakdown I came across several decks I found interesting. Maybe you already know them, but to me they seem like three curious metagame decks.

Ben Dempsey

Instant (12)
4 Brainstorm 4 Stifle 4 Enlightened Tutor
Artifact (1)
1 Engineered Explosives
Other (1)
1 Seat of Synod
60 Cards

Jesse Marczyk


Taylor Parnell

Saturday, Feb. 5: 4:01 pm - The Top 8 Decklists

Osyp Lebedowicz

Sideboard (15)
1 Snap 1 Intuition 3 Brain Freeze 2 Turnabout 2 Echoing Truth 1 Rebuild 1 Prismatic Strand 1 Meditate 1 Stroke of Genius 1 Stifle 1 Mana Leak

Masahiko Morita


Keith McLaughlin

Instant (6)
4 Intuition 2 Vampiric Tutor
Artifact (2)
2 Chrome Mox
Other (8)
4 Fire/Ice 4 Seat of Synod
59 Cards

Benjamin Dempsey

Instant (12)
4 Brainstorm 4 Stifle 4 Enlightened Tutor
Artifact (1)
1 Engineered Explosives
Other (1)
1 Seat of Synod
60 Cards

Anthony Impellizzieri


Lucas Glavin