9th-25th Decklists of Grand Prix Brussels 2018

Posted in Event Coverage on August 12, 2018

By Tobi Henke

The following decks' pilots didn't make it to the playoffs, but they did come close, extremely so in two cases. Toni Ramis Pascual and Max Pritsch, both playing Turbo Fog, missed out on tiebreakers. The next 15 players in the standings then all lagged behind by just one point.

So here, to continue celebrating Magic's 25th anniversary, are the full decklists down to 25th place ...

Toni Ramis Pascual's Turbo Fog, 9th

Max Pritsch's Turbo Fog, 10th

Makis Matsoukas's Mostly-Red Aggro, 11th

Matt Brown's Red-Black Chainwhirler, 12th

Carlos Moral's Esper Control, 13th

Glenn Muijen's R/G Monsters, 14th

Axel Signargout's Red-Black Chainwhirler, 15th

Samuel Di Clemente's Red-Black Chainwhirler, 16th

Autumn Burchett's Turbo Fog, 17th

Javier Dominguez's Grixis Midrange, 18th

Tobias Maurer's Mostly-Red Aggro, 19th

Paweł Bujanowicz's Red-Black Chainwhirler, 20th

Lukas Twist's Grixis Midrange, 21st

Nick Waugh's Red-Black Chainwhirler, 22nd

Yin Zhang's Red-Black Chainwhirler, 23rd