Around the Multiverse: Grand Prix Chiba Edition

Posted in GRAND PRIX CHIBA 2015 on May 31, 2015

By Chapman Sim

This special weekend is all about commemorating Modern Masters 2015 and celebrating Magic's rich heritage. For over two decades, Magic has remained the most popular trading card game of all time and now captures the hearts of over 20 million fans and players all over the world.

Like the Olympic Games unites the world in hope and peace, it is our wish that the Modern Masters Weekend will have a place in everyone's hearts for a long time to come.

Everyone of us is, in the multiverse, precious. We are each other's harvest, and each other's magnitude and bond. We are the family that you have chosen.

For whatever reason that brings you here, let us "roll in all the riches all around you" with this photo essay of the greatest moments here at Grand Prix Chiba.

Coincidental Friendship

"I have only been playing Magic for six months, but I am already really into it. My friend is my senior in school and I didn't even know him, at first. We met at a game center, discovered that we were both from the same school, and became close friends through playing Magic."

Angelic Bonds

"I spent five years living in America before moving back to Japan. My husband and I are both originally from Osaka, but moved here to Chiba six years ago for work. My husband really enjoys playing Magic. I play, but only a little. We are only here for the day, to collect cards and buy some cool stuff from the artists. My husband loves the artwork, particularly that on Angels. He doesn't use them in his decks, but he has an entire binder filled with Angels because he enjoys the art.

The 500-Mile Traverse

"I started playing in elementary school when my friend here began to play. We first saw the game in manga, and began to collect, but didn't play much until university. Even though we are from Shimane (in western Japan), we really wanted to be a part of this event."

The Bird a Nest, The Spider a Web, Man Friendship

"Our group has been planning this trip ever since it was announced. We made a commitment to postpone all our other plans and make sure that we are all here together to enjoy the Modern Masters Weekend and each other's company. And also to open many Tarmogoyfs!"

Part of Your World

"I'm a huge fan of Magic and I make silver accessories as a hobby and occasionally sell them at comic markets. I made this personal Dimir Signet because I love black, especially with blue and these items are really close to my heart."

Work Hard, Play Smart

"We both work in the same company, but were surprised to find out that we both play Magic. We decided to come to the Grand Prix to play together."

Everyone's Game

"Many people think that Magic is only for the boys. We disagree and we won't say that Magic is for girls, we'd rather say that Magic is for everyone. As long as we are having a great time, it is all that matters!"

A First Time For Everything

"I was taught to play Magic by friends of mine about two years ago. I don’t really play in a card store right now, but I love to play with my friends. This weekend is my first Grand Prix and I am already looking forward to the next one."

Pop Culture

"A little over a decade ago, I was a member of the Number 1 Hip-Hop group in Malaysia. I have had more than one Magic player come to me to tell me that the reason they started to play the game was because they found out that I was a judge."

Unexpected Windfall

"I came to Chiba to simply have a great Modern Masters Weekend. I did not expect to strike the jackpot and now the weekend is more memorable than ever!"

Just Me and My Girl

"My daughter is too young to know how to play but we enjoy being here nonetheless. The atmosphere is great and I'm sure she's enjoying herself! I enjoy large events like this where we get to meet lots of people and there are so many interesting things to see!"

The Happy Collector

"I enjoy the detailed artwork of Magic cards and it is one of the reasons that I play Magic. I love the Modern Masters 2015 version of Vendilion Clique very much, and I'm really happy to be able to get one of these playmats for my collection."

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