Drafting the Planes

Posted in GRAND PRIX CHIBA 2015 on May 31, 2015

By Chapman Sim

Everyone has their own way to enjoy the Modern Masters Weekend. For some, the Public Events provide a fulfilling day of Magic indulgence. For others, they are happy to just hang around with their friends, do a Cube draft or do some shopping and trading around the tournament grounds.

However, for the 379 who have made it through to Day 2, they have mostly victory on their minds. I mean, after winning at least 7 out of your 9 rounds today, that's bound to whet your appetite for more victory!

As we speak, all Day 2 competitors are settled down and ready for their next challenge, six rounds of Modern Masters 2015 Booster Draft. It wasn't going to be an easy path ahead and only eight players will emerge from the bloodbath.

On a more-light hearted note, a very unique event already happened yesterday and it was truly a spectacle for everyone. Eight of the best-dressed cosplayers were rewarded for their creativity and their efforts and were invited to participate in a complimentary Modern Masters 2015 booster draft!

Lots of readers have been clamoring us for some coverage, we took the liberty of capturing these eight players in all their glory! Who do you think did the best job? The next time you attend a Grand Prix, maybe you should dress up too!

Vraska the Unseen was able to defeat Nissa, Worldwaker 2-1 in three narrow games. Clearly, being tainted by the Undercity of Ravnica gave her a slight edge.

Restoration Angel might be mighty in the skies but she was no match for Toshiro Umezawa and his trusty Umezawa's Jitte. The ronin samurai butchered his foe is two quick games!

The battle between Garruk and Liliana has taken place before, but it was unclear who was the victor then. This time, at Grand Prix Chiba, it was Garruk who overcame the dark forces to emerge triumphant.

Mother of Runes is powerful and good enough to be a Legacy staple, but unfortunately she couldn't protect herself from being defeated by Teysa, one of the highest ranking members of the Orzhov Syndicate!