33rd - 64th Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on November 27, 2016

By Chapman Sim

It's not everyday that we have a Legacy Grand Prix so here are decklists of the rest of the players who made the Top 64 for a money finish! Once again, special thanks to the tournament organiser and the Japanese coverage team for their hard work!

Andrew Calderon's Death and Taxes

Taisuke Ishii's Sneak and Show - 34th

Ryo Kanazawa's Death and Taxes - 35th

Tuyoshi Konda's Sultai Delver - 36th

Takahiro Ikeda's Dragon Stompy - 37th

Niklas Holtmann's Elves - 38th

Taishi Aoki's Dragon Stompy

Ben Friedman's Sultai Delver - 40th

Ken'ichirou Omori's Black-Red Reanimator - 41th

Hiroki Kageyama's Eldrazi - 42nd

Yuma Koizumi's Eldrazi - 43rd

Hiroki Tsuchiya's Miracles – 44thh

Takuya Osawa's Shardless Sultai - 45th