9th - 32nd Decklists

Posted in Event Coverage on November 27, 2016

By Chapman Sim

Thanks to the tournament organiser encouraging online decklists submission and the industrious labor of the Japanese coverage team, we're able to provide a whole bunch of decklists for your viewing pleasure! Whether you're a seasoned Legacy player or someone who wants to start, here is a great resource to begin!

Yuuta Hirosawa's Shardless Sultai - 9th

Takuma Morofuji's Death and Taxes - 10th

Takumi Matuura's Blue-Red Delver - 11th

Xiao Han's Miracles - 12th

Takuto Miyazima's Blue-Red Delver - 13th

Yoshiteru Hosaka's Esper Stoneblade - 14th

Yuki Aikawa's Painter's Servant - 15th

Yasuyuki Utiyama's Shardless Sultai - 16th

Aoi Kanda's Sneak and Show - 17th

Koki Kageyama's Food Chain - 18th

Nobuo Saito's Miracles - 19th