Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

Posted in Event Coverage on November 27, 2016

By Chapman Sim

It's not everyday we have a Legacy event and we'd really love it if you could get a feel of the current Legacy metagame. Thanks to the hard work of the Japanese coverage team, we were able to put together the below information for your viewing pleasure!

Eldrazi was the most popular choice by far and most players seemed to think that Thought-Knot Seer and Reality Smasher powered our by Eye of Ugin and Eldrazi Temple were too good to pass up. In addition, the mana base also includes Ancient Tomb and City of Traitors which allows them to play Chalice of the Void, which is probably the most disruptive card in their deck.

Miracles came in a close second and one in ten players opted to play with Sensei's Divining Top, Counterbalance and Terminus. Heralded as one of the most powerful decks in the format, it was perceived as one of the decks to beat this weekend.

Shardless Sultai as well as Death and Taxes came in third and fourth most popular decks to nobody's surprise. Both pillars of the Legacy metagame, they have tools which can help them overcome even the Eldrazi and Miracles.

Archetype Quantity Percentage
Eldrazi 99 13.2%
Miracles 78 10.4%
Shardless Sultai 61 8.1%
Death and Taxes 55 7.3%
Grixis Delver 35 4.6%
Omni-Tell 35 4.6%
Infect 29 3.8%
Blue-Red Delver 27 3.6%
Storm / ANT 26 3.4%
Lands 24 3.2%
Burn 23 3.0%
Tin Fins 22 2.9%
4-Color Delver 21 2.8%
Sultai Delver 20 2.6%
Reanimator 20 2.6%
Jund 16  
Esper Deathblade 15  
Merfolk 13  
Dredge 12  
Elves 12  
Sneak and Show 10  
Maverick 9  
MUD 6  
Esper Stoneblade 6  
Charbelcher 5  
Dark Depths 5  
Dragon Stompy 5  
Temur Delver 5  
Aluren 4  
Canadian Threshold 4  
Food Chain 3  
Painter's Servant 3  
Others 41  
Total 749  

There are so many archetypes because Legacy is played with cards spanning over two decades. It can look daunting if you're new but I promise it is very interesting to learn about how some of these unique decks operate. If you're unsure about how certain archetypes work, ask your friends or go to a local game store where you're sure to find someone who will help you out!

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